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We occasionally have products that are reaching their BBE (Best Before End) dates and are prepared to accept a lower price for these items.

In this respect, we have decided to create a "BidUs” page.

If you are interested in any of these products below, please send us your "Bid” via the "BidUs" button alongside each product. Whilst we cannot guarantee to accept every "Bid”, we will naturally give serious consideration to all offers.

We will respond to all bids and in the event that your offer is successful, we will arrange for delivery of the items in the normal manner.

Found items: 13
W0021230-164 25kg White LWE Easimelt - SHORT DATED
2 in stock
14059 Sigaretta Lunga Cacao- Vaniglia 215pcs Long Striped Chocolate/Vanilla Curl, 180x12mm - SHORT DATED
Please call us to order.
8 in stock
IC 01011427 5kg Joycream Crumble - SHORT DATED
out of stock
CHX-DC-90203E0-A99 108 pieces Marbled Chocolate Spoons 95mm L, 19mm W - SHORT DATED
Please call us to order.
4 in stock
GP209 603 6x1ltr Sicilian Lemon Pot UHT Dessert Sauce - SHORT DATED
6 in stock
AP105.1 2kg Caramelised Honey Almonds Nibbed 2-6mm - SHORT DATED
4 in stock
CP117.1 2kg Caramelised Honey Cashew Nuts Nibbed 2-6mm - SHORT DATED
11 in stock
M141.1 2kg Caramelised Honey Macadamia Nuts Nibbed 2-6mm - SHORT DATED
10 in stock
PN110.1 2kg Caramelised Honey Pistachio Nuts Nibbed 2-6mm - SHORT DATED
7 in stock
46090056 50g Sosa Tonka Bean Natural Aroma - SHORT DATED
14 in stock
Found items: 13