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HB Ingredients
A range of the finest couverture and ingredients suitable for Easter

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C501/J 15kg Dark 55% Easimelt
579 in stock
811-E3-U68 6x1kg Dark 54.5% Easimelt GGC
57 in stock
823NV-554 10kg Milk 33.6% Easimelt GGC
15 in stock
CAPPUCCINO-E4-U70 4x2.5kg Cappuccino Flavour Easimelt GGC
4 in stock
CHF-N3438CARE4-U70 4x2.5kg Caramel Flavour Milk Easimelt GGC
12 in stock
CHF-Q1HONEY-E4-U70 4x2.5kg Honey Flavoured Easimelt GGC
5 in stock
LEMON-E4-U70 4x2.5kg Lemon Flavoured Easimelt (GREEN LIME)
2 in stock
ORANGE-E4- U70 4x2.5kg Orange Flavoured Easimelt
9 in stock
CHD-SC-811-E4-U70 4x2.5kg Dark Sensations GGC*
Please call us to order.
CHM-SC-823-E4-U70 4x2.5kg Milk Sensations GGC*
Please call us to order.
CHM-SC-WD-E4-U70 2.5kg Marbled Sensations GGC
4 in stock
CHM-SC-WD-E4-U70 4x2.5kg Marbled Sensations GGC
4 in stock
STRAWBERRY-E4-U70 4x2.5kg Strawberry Flavoured Easimelt
6 in stock
W2-E3-U68 1kg White Easimelt GGC
17 in stock
W2-E3-U68 6x1kg White Easimelt GGC
97 in stock
350050-06 1kg Lemon Fruit Puree
362 in stock
115 12.5kg Marzipan 24%
52 in stock
100360182 10kg 5x5x4mm Lemon Pieces RSPO-IS-158361 CB-007-11
27 in stock
Found items: 18