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HB Ingredients

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4910C11BFT 10x500g Guittard Nocturne 91% Extra Dark Chocolate Bars Fair Trade
2 in stock
*4653C11B 10x500g Guittard Colombian 65% Dark Chocolate Bars
out of stock
0504B50X 22.68kg Guittard Oro Bittersweet 67% Dark Chocolate (ribbon format)
3 in stock
0560C25X 11.34kg Guittard Onyx 72% Dark Chocolate (button format)
25 in stock
4652C11B 10x500g Guittard Ecuador 65% Dark Chocolate Bars
24 in stock
4658C11B 10x500g Guittard Madagascar Criollo 65% Dark Chocolate Bars
7 in stock
0311XC50 22.68kg Guittard Old Dutch 34% Milk Chocolate (button format)
3 in stock
4659C11B 10x500g Guittard Peru 65% Dark Chocolate Bars (Macchu Pichu)
8 in stock
5380C25FT 11.34kg Guittard Organic and Fair Trade 38% Milk Chocolate (button format)
out of stock
Found items: 21