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HB Ingredients


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C501/UA 15kg Dark Chunks 10mm
9 in stock
C501/UK20 15kg Dark Bakestable Drop 20,000/kg
27 in stock
O3X5/RA 15kg Milk 28.9% Chunks 10mm
66 in stock
M2591637-540 25kg Milk Chips 7500 p/kg
25 in stock
P0141362-540 25kg Dark Choffies 11,000 p/kg
37 in stock
P0141187-164 25kg Dark Choffies 22000 p/kg P0141187-164
20 in stock
P0141174-540 25kg Dark Choffies 7500 p/kg
20 in stock
W0011213-540 25kg White Choffies 7500 p/kg
20 in stock
P0141330-540 25kg Dark Chunks 10x10x6mm
14 in stock
CHD-CU-20V115N-552 4x2.5kg Dark Bakestable Chunks 11x12x5mm
out of stock
P0141338-164 25kg Dark Chunks 8x8x6mm
2 in stock
CHM-CU-20X023-471 10kg Milk Chunk 8x8x6mm
6 in stock
CHM-CU-17X259-552 4x2.5kg Milk Bakestable Chunks 11x12x5mm
12 in stock
M0231376-164 25kg Milk Chunks EL4 8x8x6mm
5 in stock
CHW-CU-20V001-471 10kg White Bakestable Chunks 8x8x6mm
11 in stock
W0011564-498 20kg White LWM Chunks 10x10x6mm*
Please call us to order.
VH-9401-554 2x10kg Large Baking Drops GGC*
Please call us to order.
P0021006-540 25kg Dark Washington Bits 3500 p/kg
1 in stock
P0021251-540 25kg Dark Washington Bits 7500 p/kg
18 in stock
NIBS-S-473 20kg Cocoa Nibs
out of stock
NIBS-S502-X47 800g Cocoa Nibs
21 in stock
NIBS-S502-X47 4x800g Cocoa Nibs
29 in stock
M463 13kg Meringue Drops 15mm made with FREE RANGE EGGS
25 in stock
13kg Meringue Granules 5-8mm
9 in stock
CHD-DR-100XNOP-458 20kg Organic Bakestable Dark Choc Chips 49.3% TO BE DISCONTINUED
out of stock
C501-UZLBIO:K10 2x5kg Organic Dark Drops 10000/kg
35 in stock
100310182 10kg 5x5x4mm Apple Piece RSPO-IS-158361 CB-007-11’
127 in stock
100450182 10kg Banana Pieces Pieces RSPO-IS-158361 CB-007-11
10 in stock
100300182 10kg 5x5x4mm Blackcurrant Pieces* RSPO-IS-158361 CB-007-11
Please call us to order.
100030982 10kg Blueberry Pieces Pieces RSPO-IS-158361 CB-007-11
13 in stock
100130181 10kg 5x5x3mm Red Cherry pieces* RSPO-IS-158361 CB-007-11’
Please call us to order.
100160182 10kg 5x5x4mm Cranberry pieces RSPO-IS-158361 CB-007-11
69 in stock
100360182 10kg 5x5x4mm Lemon Pieces RSPO-IS-158361 CB-007-11’
24 in stock
100570180 10kg 3x5x3mm Orange Pieces RSPO-IS-158361 CB-007-11
55 in stock
100490182 10kg 5x5x4mm Peach Pieces* RSPO-IS-158361 CB-007-1
Please call us to order.
100140182 10kg 5x5x4mm Raspberry Pieces RSPO-IS-158361 CB-007-11
39 in stock
100120182 10kg 5x5x4mm Strawberry pieces RSPO-IS-158361 CB-007-11
133 in stock
20kg Chocolate coated Popping Candy
62 in stock
Found items: 38