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01011558 5kg Gianduca, spreadable paste with gianduja nut chocolate
2 in stock
01020222 1kg Roasted Hazelnut Grains
23 in stock
01020222 8x1kg Roasted Hazelnut Grains (Granella Nocciola)
14 in stock
AP105.1 2kg Caramelised Honey Almonds Nibbed 2-6mm
38 in stock
1kg Almonds Flaked
36 in stock
10kg Almonds Flaked
9 in stock
1kg Ground Almonds Blanched - SPANISH (Powder Fine)
104 in stock
10kg Almonds Ground Blanched
12 in stock
1kg Almonds Nibbed Blanched
68 in stock
1kg Almonds Skin on Natural
32 in stock
1kg Almonds Roasted and Salted*
Please call us to order.
20kg Medium Brazil Nuts*
Please call us to order.
1kg Brazil Nuts Medium Whole
70 in stock
1kg Cashew Nuts Raw
61 in stock
CP117.1 2kg Caramelised Honey Cashew Nuts Nibbed 2-6mm
49 in stock
1kg Fine Desiccated Coconut
98 in stock
25kg Coconut Medium Desiccated
Please call us to order.
3 in stock
25kg Coconut Fine Desiccated*
Please call us to order.
10kg Toasted Coconut Flakes
Please call us to order.
5 in stock
HB132.1 2kg Caramelised Honey Hazelnuts Nibbed 2-6mm* MOQ 200kg
out of stock
1kg Hazelnuts Ground
11 in stock
1kg Hazelnuts Roasted/Blanched
94 in stock
10kg Hazelnuts Roasted/Blanched*
1 in stock
1kg Hazelnuts Whole Skin on (Shelled)
47 in stock
1kg Macadamia Nuts Halves & Pieces
14 in stock
M141.1 2kg Caramelised Honey Macadamia Nuts Nibbed 2-6mm
20 in stock
PPC116.1 2kg Caramelised Honey Pecan Nuts Nibbed 2-6mm* MOQ 200KG
out of stock
1kg Pecan Halves
42 in stock
1kg Pine Nut Kernels 650/680
31 in stock
1kg Pistachio Kernels
31 in stock
NPO-PI1-E4-18A 4x1kg Pure Pistachio Paste*
Please call us to order.
1kg Pistachio Extra Green Iranian
19 in stock
1kg Nibbed Pistachios
30 in stock
1kg Roasted Pistachios Salted With Shells On*
Please call us to order.
PN110.1 2kg Caramelised Honey Pistachio Nuts Nibbed 2-6mm
17 in stock
Showing: 0 to 40 of 63
Page: 1/2