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HB Ingredients

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70-30-38NVFAIR-554 10kg 70% Extra Bitter
2 in stock
70-30-38NVFAIR-554 2x10kg Fair Trade 70% Extra Bitter Easimelt
6 in stock
811NV-FAIR-554 2x10kg Fair Trade Dark 53.8% Easimelt
15 in stock
823NV-FAIR-554 2x10kg Fair Trade Milk 33.6% Easimelt
11 in stock
4910C11BFT 10x500g Guittard Nocturne 91% Extra Dark Chocolate Bars Fair Trade
4 in stock
4704C11BFT 10x500g Guittard Complexite 70% Bitter Sweet
2 in stock
W2NV-FAIR-554 2x10kg Fair Trade White 27.5% Easimelt*
out of stock
3023C10 2x2.27kg Guittard Cacao Rouge Cocoa Powder (Red High Fat Dutched) 22-24%
12 in stock
MAD-CDO-100-01K0-14 14x1kg ORGANIC 100% Cocoa Mass
out of stock
MAD-CD0-070-01K0-1 1kg ORGANIC 70% Madagascan Chocolate
out of stock
MAD-CD0-070-01K0-14 14x1kg ORGANIC 70% Madagascan Chocolate
out of stock
MAD-BDO-100-K085 10x85g 100% ORGANIC Chocolate Retail bars
139 in stock
MAD-BD0-085-0K85-10 10x85g 85% ORGANIC Chocolate Retail bars
out of stock
0305/JZLBIO 15kg Organic Milk Chocolate Easimelt
109 in stock
74-26-43-ZLBIO NOP 15kg Organic 74% Extra Bitter Dark Easimelt
313 in stock
CHD-Q15ZVNOP-566 Plain 20kg Organic Dark Choc 57.9%*
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CHM-DR-110BZL-491 20kg Organic Milk Chocolate*
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CHM-Q25BIOZV-558 Milk 2x10kg Organic Milk Chocolate*
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C501-UZLBIO:K10 2x5kg Organic Dark Drops 10000/kg
out of stock
C501-JZLBIO 15kg Organic Dark 58% Easimelt
236 in stock
X605/JZLBIO 15kg Organic White Easimelt
127 in stock
CROWN 7 25kg Rain Forest Alliance Organic and Fair Trade Cocoa Powder 10-12% Bag
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57 in stock
*5740C25FT 11.34kg Guittard Organic 74% Dark Chocolate, Bittersweet Fair Trade (button format)*
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FT-F2-ZLBIO 15kg Organic & Fair Trade 72.5% Extra Bitter Easimelt
71 in stock
FT-M1-ZLBIO 15kg Organic & Fair Trade Milk 40% Easimelt
72 in stock
Certisys-BE-BIO-01 15kg Organic & Fair Trade White Easimelt Sustainable
28 in stock
Found items: 37