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HB Ingredients

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LEMON-E4-U70 4x2.5kg Lemon Flavoured Easimelt (GREEN LIME)
3 in stock
ORANGE-E4- U70 4x2.5kg Orange Flavoured Easimelt
5 in stock
25 sheets Loose Silver Leaf 80x80mm (Envelope)
40 in stock
350050-06 1kg Lemon Fruit Puree
274 in stock
1kg Ground Almonds Blanched - SPANISH (Powder Fine)
44 in stock
1kg Hazelnuts Whole Skin on (Shelled)
19 in stock
1kg Pistachio Kernels
29 in stock
1kg Pistachio Extra Green Iranian
15 in stock
PNP-T14 5kg Pure Hazelnut Paste Tub
2 in stock
PRA-T14 5kg Hazelnut Praline Paste Tub
12 in stock
PRA-CLAS-E4-660 1kg Hazelnut Praline Paste
61 in stock
PRAMANO-T14 5kg Hazelnut/Almond Praline Paste
2 in stock
1kg Walnuts Light Amber Halves LAH
67 in stock
21000007 3g Gold Leaf Filament*
Please call us to order.
21000010 Gold Leaf Book 25 Sheets*
Please call us to order.
45060280 1kg Sosa Pistachio Pieces (Grainy Pistachio)*
Please call us to order.
Found items: 17
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