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CHM-SC-823-E4-U70 4x2.5kg Milk Sensations GGC*
Please call us to order.
CHM-SC-WD-E4-U70 2.5kg Marbled Sensations GGC
3 in stock
CHM-SC-WD-E4-U70 4x2.5kg Marbled Sensations GGC
4 in stock
M-7GCC-484 8x1kg Chocolate Coffee Beans*
Please call us to order.
CHF-BS-20587E4-999 1kg Caramel Blossom Curls
10 in stock
CHD-BS-20565E0-999 1kg Dark Blossom Curls
14 in stock
CHM-BS-20591E0 -999 1kg Milk Blossom
7 in stock
CHX-BS-20582E0-999 1kg Marbled Blossom Curls
24 in stock
CHW-BS-20576E0-999 1kg White Blossom Curls
17 in stock
E0784 1kg Chocolate Mocha Beans (with 2% ground coffee)
15 in stock
CCP00199 E0784 6x1kg Chocolate Mocha Beans (with 2% ground coffee)
104 in stock
CED-CC-D1CRIE0-W97 97 800g Dark Chocolate Crispearls
9 in stock
CED-CC-D1CRIE0-W97 97 4x800g Dark Chocolate Crispearls
39 in stock
CEF-CC-CARAME0-W97 800g Salted Caramel Crispearls
11 in stock
CEF-CC-CARAME0-W97 4x800g Salted Caramel Crispearls CEF-CC-CARAMEL-W97 old code
38 in stock
CEM-CC-M1CRIE0-W97 800g Milk Chocolate Crispearls
4 in stock
CEM-CC-M1CRIE0-W97 4x800g Milk Chocolate Crispearls
21 in stock
CEF-CC-STRA-E0-W97 4x800g Strawberry Chocolate Crispearls To be Discontinued
20 in stock
CEW-CC-W1CRIE0-W97 800g White Chocolate Crispearls
12 in stock
CEW-CC-W1CRIE0-W97 4x800g White Chocolate Crispearls
40 in stock
CHD-OD-20535E0-999 575pcs
19 in stock
CHD-OD-20535E0-999 12x575pcs
2 in stock
CHD-PC-20544E0-999 4x900g Dark 20cm Chocolate Pencils Reubens
157 in stock
CHD-PC-13986-999 4x900g 10cm Dark Chocolate Pencils Reubens*
Please call us to order.
CHX-PC-20561E0-999 900g Marbled 20cm Chocolate Pencils Reubens.
23 in stock
CHX-PC-20561E0-999 4x900g Marbled 20cm Chocolate Pencils
181 in stock
CHW-PC-20553E0-999 4x900g White 20cm Chocolate Pencils Reubens
49 in stock
SP-1 3kg Dark Chocolate Shavings
366 in stock
CHD-SV-20570E0-999 2.5kg Dark Chocolate Shavings
305 in stock
SM-1 3kg Milk Chocolate Shavings
66 in stock
CHM-SV-13945-999 2.5kg Milk Chocolate Shavings
97 in stock
SW-1 3kg White Chocolate Shavings
54 in stock
CHW-SV-20579E0-999 2.5kg White Chocolate Shavings
30 in stock
SPLIT-4-D-E4-U72 4x5kg Small Dark Chocolate Shiny Splitters GGC
7 in stock
Showing: 0 to 40 of 132
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