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HB Ingredients

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CHM-SC-823-E4-U70 4x2.5kg Milk Sensations GGC*
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CHM-SC-WD-E4-U70 4x2.5kg Marbled Sensations GGC
1 in stock
CED-CC-D1CRIE0-W97 97 4x800g Dark Chocolate Crispearls
39 in stock
CEM-CC-M1CRIE0-W97 4x800g Milk Chocolate Crispearls
28 in stock
CEW-CC-W1CRIE0-W97 4x800g White Chocolate Crispearls
35 in stock
CHD-OD-20535E0-999 12x575pcs
3 in stock
SPLIT-4-D-E4-U72 4x5kg Small Dark Chocolate Shiny Splitters GGC
6 in stock
SPLIT-9-D-E4-U72 4x5kg Large Dark Chocolate Shiny Splitters GGC
16 in stock
005833 900g Crushed Caramel with Salted Butter
117 in stock
Found items: 9
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