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HB Ingredients

Toppings and Sprinkles

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TOF-6042CARA-Z38/TOF-6042CARAE4-Z38 6x1ltr Caramel Topping Sauce
15 in stock
TOD-6022--E4-Z38 1ltr Dark Chocolate Topping Sauce
13 in stock
TOD-6022-E4-Z38 6x1ltr Dark Chocolate Topping Sauce
37 in stock
TOF-60004RF-Z38 6x1ltr Red Fruit Topping Sauce
out of stock
CHF-BS-19500-999/CHF-BS-20587E4-999 1kg Caramel Blossom Curls
9 in stock
CHD-BS-20565E0-999 1kg Dark Blossom Curls
out of stock
CHM-BS-19497-999/CHM-BS-20591E0-999 1kg Milk Blossom Curls
17 in stock
CHX-BS-19498-999/CHX-BS-20582E0-999 1kg Marbled Blossom Curls
24 in stock
CHF-BS-19501C-999/CHF-BS-19501C-999 1kg Strawberry Blossom Curls
10 in stock
CHW-BS-19495-999/CHW-BS-20576E0-999 1kg White Blossom Curls
21 in stock
CED-CC-D1CRISP-W97/CED-CC-D1CRIE0-W 97 4x800g Dark Chocolate Crispearls
out of stock
CEF-CC-CARAME0-W97 800g Salted Caramel Crispearls
1 in stock
CEF-CC-CARAME0-W97 4x800g Salted Caramel Crispearls CEF-CC-CARAMEL-W97 old code
out of stock
CEM-CC-M1CRIE0-W97 800g Milk Chocolate Crispearls
7 in stock
CEM-CC-M1CRIE0-W97 4x800g Milk Chocolate Crispearls
7 in stock
CEW-CC-W1CRIE0-W97 800g White Chocolate Crispearls
8 in stock
CEW-CC-W1CRIE0-W97 4x800g White Chocolate Crispearls
7 in stock
CHD-DC-05761-999/CHD-OD-20535E0-999 12x575pcs
out of stock
SP-1 3kg Dark Chocolate Shavings
202 in stock
CHD-SV-13944-999/CHD-SV-20570E0-999 2.5kg Dark Chocolate Shavings
137 in stock
SM-1 3kg Milk Chocolate Shavings
107 in stock
CHM-SV-13945-999 2.5kg Milk Chocolate Shavings
60 in stock
SW-1 3kg White Chocolate Shavings
189 in stock
CHW-SV-20579E0-999 2.5kg White Chocolate Shavings
11 in stock
SPLIT-4-D-E4-U72 4x5kg Small Dark Chocolate Shiny Splitters GGC
out of stock
SPLIT-4-D-E4-U72 5kg Small Dark Chocolate Shiny Splitters GGC
4 in stock
SPLIT-4-M-2B-U73 1kg Small Milk Chocolate Shiny Splitters GGC TO BE DISCONTINUED
out of stock
SPLIT-9-D-E4-U72 4x5kg Large Dark Chocolate Shiny Splitters GGC
2 in stock
SPLIT-9-D-E4-U72 5kg Large Dark Chocolate Shiny Splitters GGC
5 in stock
CHK-D-E3-U68 1kg Dark Chocolate Vermicelli GGC
19 in stock
CHK-D-E3-U68 6x1kg Dark Chocolate Vermicelli GGC
4 in stock
CHK-W-2B-U73 1kg White Chocolate Vermicelli GGC
12 in stock
005833 900g Crushed Caramel with Salted Butter
89 in stock
4024 1.75kg Milk Chocolate Caramel Biscuit Cluster (toffee crisp)
23 in stock
#4012 2kg White Chocolate Orange Cluster
out of stock
4014 3kg Milk Chocolate Butter Croquant CLUSTER (Dime)
9 in stock
*4013 2.5kg White Chocolate Berry Clusters

*4013 2.5kg White Chocolate Berry Clusters

39 in stock
#4015 3kg Milk Chocolate Caramel Fudge Pieces
out of stock
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