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Please note:

"These products are manufactured using only vegan ingredients and using suitable equipment, but HB Ingredients cannot guarantee that they do not contain traces of materials from animal origin by cross contamination. For full information please refer to the manufacturers specification."

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C501-NV PAR/J 15kg KOSHER Dark 55% Pareve Easimelt
137 in stock
60-40-38NV-116 / 60-40-38NV-120 5x5kg Block Bitter 62.5% GGC
7 in stock
811NV-120 5kg Block Dark 54.5% GGC
20 in stock
811NV-120 5x5kg Block Dark 54.5% GGC
53 in stock
NCB-144 5x5kg Block Light Cuttable Hazelnut Paste
2 in stock
NCB-HD702-BYEX-U68 1kg Cocoa Butter Callets
24 in stock
NCB-HDO3-654 3kg Cocoa Butter Callets
14 in stock
NCB-HDO3-654 4x3kg Cocoa Butter Callets
27 in stock
CB-E0-655 4kg Cocoa Butter Tub
11 in stock
NCB-HD702-BYEX-U68 6x1kg Cocoa Butter Callets
13 in stock
CM-CAL-E4-U70 Cocoa Mass Easimelt 2.5kg
3 in stock
CM-CAL-E4-U70 4x2.5kg Cocoa Mass Easimelt
18 in stock
CP-776/ CP-E0-776 1kg Cocoa Powder Medium Brown
50 in stock
CP-776/ CP-E0-776 20x1kg Cocoa Powder Medium Brown
75 in stock
CP-777/ CP-E0-777 4x5kg Cocoa Powder Medium brown
51 in stock
CP-777/ CP-E0-777 5kg Cocoa Powder Medium brown
out of stock
DCP-22SP-E0-760 1kg Extra Brute Cocoa Powder Red Brown
55 in stock
DCP-22SP-761 4x2.5kg Extra Brute Cocoa Powder Red Brown
50 in stock
DCP-22SP-760 / CP-22SP-E0-760 6x1kg Extra Brute Cocoa Powder Red Brown
533 in stock
DCP-22GT-BY-760/DCP-22GT-BY-E0-760 6x1kg Plein Arome Dark Cocoa Powder
296 in stock
DCP-01R102-VH-61V 750g Dark Brown Cocoa Powder, Alkalized 1% (Van Houten)
4 in stock
DCP-01R102-VH-61V 6x750g Dark Brown Cocoa Powder, Alkalized 1% (Van Houten)
1 in stock
NCP-10C101VHE0-760 1kg Light Brown Cocoa Powder, 10-12% (Van Houten)
8 in stock
NCP-10C101VHE0-760 6x1kg Light Brown Cocoa Powder, 10-12% (Van Houten)
out of stock
DCP-10Y352-VH-760 6x1kg Deep Black Cocoa Powder, Alkalized 10-12% (Van Houten)
15 in stock
DCP-22W117VHE0-760 6x1kg Warm Brown Cocoa Powder, Alkalized 22-24% (Van Houten)
45 in stock
NCB-HD706-E0-W44 600g Mycryo Cocoa Butter Powder
23 in stock
NCB-HD706-E0-W44 10x600g Mycryo Cocoa Butter Powder
out of stock
NIBS-S-473 20kg Cocoa Nibs
43 in stock
CHP-20BQ-760 6x1kg Powdered Chocolate* CHP-20BQ-E0-760
Please call us to order.
SGM/3B 1.5kg Savoury Gravy Powdered Mix
9 in stock
PVGJ/1B 1kg Premier Rich Vegetable Jus Paste
7 in stock
1296 1ltr Cassis Peureux 15% alc, whole blackcurrant berries in creme de cassis
out of stock
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