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841-E4-U71 2.5kg Milk 41% Power Easimelt

841-E4-U71 2.5kg Milk 41% Power Easimelt

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Decor: No
Inclusion: No
Ingredient: Yes
Product Description:
Barry Callebaut 841-E4-U71 2.5kg Milk 41% Power Easimelt  
When you're looking for a milk chocolate that has the cocoa intensity of a dark chocolate, yet with creamy and caramelly notes, then POWER 41 is on your side. This milk chocolate contains more cocoa than any other milk chocolate.
At the same, it has the lowest sugar count compared to other milk chocolate recipes: 14% less than your regular milk chocolate.
POWER 41 is great to eat as such, and it can also be paired with a wide variety of flavours, especially with fruits that have a pleasant acidity.
Confectionery - Enrobing, Moulding hollow figures, Moulding pralines, Panning, Piping decoration, Spraying (airbrush), Flavouring
Patisserie and Dessert - Flavouring
Ice Creams and Sorbets - Flavouring
Baking - Enrobing/Icing