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845NV-554 2x10kg Milk 41.5%  Refine Easimelt GGC*

845NV-554 2x10kg Milk 41.5% Refine Easimelt GGC*



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Decor: No
Inclusion: No
Ingredient: Yes
Product Description:
Callebaut 845NV-554 2x10kg Milk 41.5%  Refine Easimelt GGC*  
845 is a one-of-a-kind milk chocolate. It has an appealing warm colour and a very comprehensive taste that explores the entire palate: bitters, sweets, sours... It's all there, and it's delightfully intense. For this recipe, our master chocolate makers selected special block milk which shapes the typical pronounced caramelly notes in this chocolate after conching. The 845 is perfectly suited for moulded and enrobed confectionery, or in other applications that require an intense chocolate taste. With its standard fluidity, it delivers great end results in many other applications too. As a base for chocolate ganache, or to flavour pastry components, ice cream, sauces, etc. 
Confectionery - Enrobing, Moulding hollow figures, Moulding pralines, Panning, Piping decoration, Spraying (airbrush), Flavouring
Patisserie and Dessert - Flavouring
Ice Creams and Sorbets - Flavouring
Baking - Enrobing/Icing