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665NV-554 2x10kg Milk 30.7% Easimelt GGC

665NV-554 2x10kg Milk 30.7% Easimelt GGC

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Decor: No
Inclusion: No
Ingredient: Yes
Product Description:
Callebaut 665NV-554 2x10kg Milk 30.7% Easimelt GGC  
Milk chocolate with a warm, light colour and a very pronounced taste with roasted and sweet, caramelly notes. It is great for pairing with citrus fruits and dairy ingredients, even cheeses.
With its standard fluidity, the 665 is a great, all-round chocolate guaranteeing great results for almost any application: from moulding to enrobing, from flavouring to decorating.
Confectionery - Enrobing, Moulding Hollow figures, Moulding pralines, Panning, Piping decoration, Spraying (airbrush),
Patisserie and Dessert - Flavouring
Baking - Enrobing/Icing