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80-20-44-E4-U71 8x2.5kg Extra Bitter 80% Power Easimelt

80-20-44-E4-U71 8x2.5kg Extra Bitter 80% Power Easimelt



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Decor: No
Inclusion: No
Ingredient: Yes
Product Description:
Callebaut 80-20-44-E4-U71 8x2.5kg Extra Bitter 80% Power Easimelt  
POWER 80 is the dark chocolate for lovers of pure intensity. Composed of 80% cocoa, it has an overwhelming full-bodied chocolate taste, dominated by roasted beans. A lovely hint of fruitiness lightens it up. This chocolate contains 63% less sugar than regular dark chocolate, just enough to give it a tempered sweetness and create balance. It is ideal to use this chocolate for flavouring. With so much intensity, it is perfect to bring out a deep and rich chocolate taste in mousses, cremes, ice cream, brownies, ganaches and moelleux. It will create a rich mouthfeel and pleasant texture.POWER 80 can easily be paired with a wide variety of power flavours such as spices, fruits, coffees, teas and even cheeses.
Confectionery - Enrobing, Moulding hollow figures, Moulding pralines, Panning, Piping decoration, Spraying (airbrush), Flavouring
Patisserie and Dessert - Flavouring
Ice Creams and Sorbets - Flavouring
Baking - Enrobing/Icing