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CHM-CU-20X023-471 10kg Milk  Chunk 8x8x6mm

CHM-CU-20X023-471 10kg Milk Chunk 8x8x6mm

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Decor: No
Inclusion: Yes
Ingredient: No
Product Description:
Barry Callebaut CHM-CU-20X023-471 10kg Milk Chunk 8x8x6mm
These milk chunks give your cakes, chocolate chip cookies, buns and rolls a lovely milk chocolate touch that combines a solid cocoa heart with caramelly creaminess.
This milk chocolate chunks recipe contains less cocoa butter to make them resist oven temperatures up to 200C. Chunks are also perfect for bakery items that require longer baking times. With their generous size, they don't melt away during baking - perfect for your customers to enjoy the lovely bite and great chocolate taste inside your bakery delights.  
Bakery - Inclusion
Ice Cream - Inclusion


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