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Vegetarian Quiche

This easy to make vegetarian quiche can be prepared in advance and frozen, when time is at a premium
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Mushroom Panna Cotta

Delicate, yet intensely flavoured Panna Cotta
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Vegan Chocolate Dessert

A rich smooth chocolate dessert with the added crunchiness of cashews
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Guittard Molten Chocolate Cookies

Big and very rich cookies, with a crisp exterior and gooey centre
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Guittard Beetroot, Turmeric & Rum Truffles

The earthiness of the beetroot matches this chocolate brilliantly.
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Afternoon Tea Chocolate Cups

These chocolate cups provide an alternative to traditional afternoon tea cakes.
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Pina Colada Dessert

This quick and easy dessert is sure to be a winner with chefs and diners.
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Milc Chocolate Banana Fritters

A smooth and sweet on the go treat.
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Egg Free Mayonnaise

This vegan friendly mayonnaise is quick easy and adaptable.
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Chicken Caesar Salad

A fun twist on the traditional Chicken Caesar Salad.
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Dysphagia Afternoon Tea

This dysphagia afternoon tea, looks and smells exactly like the real thing.
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Pimms Dessert

A twist on the classic Pimms cocktail.
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