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The Grenada Chocolate Company produces award winning organic dark chocolate from bean to bar, all within the rainforest of Grenada. The co-operative’s products are produced using solar power and as all profits go back to the members, the products can be called truly “fairly traded”.
To enhance their green credentials, they will be bringing their products this year  to the USA  and the UK, their biggest export markets, on the cargo sailing Brigantine Tres Hombres.
This 32 metre engineless schooner will be leaving Grenada on March 24th to begin a more than 60 day voyage to Portsmouth via the Azores. She will be carrying over 4 tonnes of chocolate in a special solar powered temperature controlled compartment.
Mott Green, the founder of  the Grenada Chocolate Company will be making the journey aboard Tres Hombres, keeping a check on his precious cargo.
During this exciting voyage you can follow their position by clicking here, also keep up to date with Motts blog.
The journey began with Tres Hombres sailing from the quayside without the help of a tug, demonstrating the sailing skill of her captain.