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FWF-Z2CARA-X10 5kg Caramel Filling

FWF-Z2CARA-X10 5kg Caramel Filling

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Decor: No
Inclusion: No
Ingredient: Yes
Product Description:
Callebaut FWF-Z2CARA-X10 5kg Caramel Filling
Caramel Fill is a ready-to-use genuine caramel. With its deep golden colour, butter toffee taste and semi-fluid texture, it pairs extremely well with darker or more intense chocolates and is a great confectionery filling.
Just soften it before use by mixing it or slightly heating it (to max. 25-30C) and fill a piping bag with the caramel. Then pipe it into the chocolate shells or cups of your choice.
Confectionery - Filling
Patisserie and Dessert - Sauces