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HB Ingredients


We are Sole Agents or Distributors for:


Astra Sweets

Marshmallows, Jelly Based Sweets

Chocolate Products from Belgium, France and UK

Chocolate Products from Belgium

Fondant and Sugar Based Syrups

Raw Cane Sugars

Chocolate Products from France

Chocolate Products


Columbian origin chocolate using only "cacao fino de aroma"

Chocolat Madagascar

Fine origin chocolate, freshly crafted from the rare and fruity cocoa of the rainforests of Madagascar. Established 1940

DGF Industries France

DGF Industries is the world leader in the creation, marketing and distribution of high quality ingredients for culinary professionals.

Specialising in Amaretto Biscuits and Macaroons, Biscuits and Cookies.

Morello Cherries in Alcohol and Fruit Alcohols

New to the UK, finest Italian bakery and Patisserie products.

Caramelise Honey Nibbed Nuts.


LittlePod is an East Devon company that provides chefs with high-grade Madagascan vanilla pods, extracts and paste


The Vital Ingredient in bakeries and commercial kitchens around the world

Maitre Jopil

A range of caramel topping sauces and pastes

Mona Lisa

A range of chocolate decoration products for afternoon tea and dessert applications.

Pastry Products


Organic Cereal Syrups & Powders

Produce a wide range of emulsifiers, thickeners, espumas etc.

Taura Natural Ingredients, the creators of URC® functional fruit pieces, flakes and pastes.