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The Chocolate Doctor Responds

Below are some of the "Symptoms" that The Chocolate Doctor has been asked about, and his "Diagnosis" .
If you have a question or query regarding any aspects of Chocolate please e-mail "The Chocolate Doctor" at and he will give you a personal reply.

Click on the "Symptom" below to read the "Doctors" diagnosis.


Ref. Number Symptom    
07-001 Creme Dell' Artigiano    
07-003 Re-using Fountain Chocolate    
07-004 Creme a la Carte /Ganaches    
07-005 Spraying Chocolate    
07-007 Creme a la Carte    
07-008 Coloured & Flavoured Chocolate/Ice Cream    
07-015 Lemon Callets    
07-016 Hand Dipped Chocolates    
07-017 Chocolate Finish - Tiny Speckles    
08-018 Shelf Life of Chocolate    
09-021 Own Brand Chocolate    
09-022 Which Chocolate is Kosher    
10-023 Colouring Chocolate    
12-024 Raw Chocolate    
01-025 Liquid Leaking from Chocolates    
02-026 Storing Chocolate    
05-028 Gluten Status    
05-029 Chocolate for Dipping    
06-030 Ganaches and Pralines    
06-031  Subsituting Cocoa Butter     
03-032 Tempering
03-033 Producing a Shell Coating