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Transfer Sheets from Deco Relief


Transfer sheets are easy to use and are perfect to give your chocolates, cakes and desserts a stylish and contemporary finish.

Transfer sheets are acetate sheets with a cocoa butter embossed pattern on one side. When the melted chocolate comes into contact with the pattern it is transferred onto the chocolate. A simple but effective product.

How to use transfer sheets

Chocolate Shapes:

Simply melt some chocolate and using a spatula spread a thin layer of the chocolate on the embossed side of the sheet, then leave for a few minutes to harden. Using a cookie cutter or knife, cut out your desired shapes from the chocolate. Do not remove them until they have completley set, this may take about 20mins or place in a fridge to speed up the process.
Then once set carefully peel the shapes from the transfer sheet and they are now ready to use on your cakes or desserts.

Decorating Chocolates:

Dipped Chocolates
Cut the size of transfer sheet you require, then once you have dipped your chocolate place the transfer sheet on top of the chocolate and press it down slightly so all the chocolate adheres to the transfer sheet. Leave to set for about 20 minutes and then peel away the acetate sheet.
Moulded Chocolates
Once you have filled your chocolate and topped it off. Put the transfer sheet embossed side down onto the mould and using a spatula smooth the transfer sheet until all the chocolate adheres to the chocolate. Leave to set for about 20 minutes and then carefully peel back the transfer sheet. Finally demould your chocolates.

Below are some of the transfer sheets which HB supply, please go onto the website to view the full range.

IMP03-5 Designs 10 sheets of each transfer-Geometric Product Code: DR.TSIMP03
IMP04- 5 Designs 10 sheets of each transfer-Music Product Code: DR.TSIMP04
IMP01-5 Designs 10 sheets of each transfer-Standard Product Code: DR.TSIMP01
IMP1008- 1 Design 10 x sheets Red and Orange Heart and lines Product Code: DR.TSIMP1008


(for details of the above products, click on the links and paste the product code into the "Quick Search" box on our website)



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