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As mentioned last month, we are delighted to now offer Swiss chocolate from Carma, who are part of the Barry-Callebaut group .
We now stock a range of Carma products for distribution by HB Ingredients to the non-Foodservice sector and following recent product launches and positive media reports, there is a resurgence of Swiss chocolate as a quality marque. Therefore if you are planning ‘Swiss' chocolate Muffins, Ice Cream, Truffles, Chocolates etc, we can now meet your needs from stock.

To mark the launch, we are offering special introductory prices during April – see SPECIAL OFFERS… or click on the images below...


Swiss Dark Line 52%

8kg box in "Coin" format.
This new couverture has a pronounced flavour of cocoa, thanks to its high cocoa content, a good dark colour and a harmonious combination of aromatic and fruity notes. It contains little sugar and is slightly bitter.


Swiss Top Claire 33% an award winning chocolate.

8kg box in "Coin" format.
A single blend of noble cocoa beans and best Swiss milk. A perfect texture, very tender and melting in the mouth, strong milky taste with a subtle caramel after taste.


Swiss Top Edelbitter

Swiss Top Edelbitter Block

6x2kg Block
A very strong cocoa taste with a fine fruit and aromatic profile. As a real dark chocolate with high cocoa content the taste is nicely balanced between slightly bitter and sweet.

Swiss Line Milk Coins

Swiss Line Milk Coins

8kg box in "Coin" format.
Thanks to the Swiss milk it contains, the Milk couverture hasa good, perfectly balanced milk chocolate taste. But it asserts a certain character too with its cocoa notes and warm, red-brown colour.

Swiss Line White Coins

Swiss Line White Coins

8kg box in "Coin" format.
This white couverture is distinguished for its delicate, slightly milky aroma and its perfect qualities for use, due to its carefully selected ingredients. It goes without saying that this couverture is made exclusively with Swiss milk.

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