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Cocoa Prices continued to fluctuate within the overall range of 1450-1600 that we have seen so far all year. In fact the range was more limited during March ranging between 1470 and 1570. Rumours abound and with the absence of arrivals news in the main West African growing areas, we are seeing sharp moves both ways for instance in the last 3 days of March the market dropped by 4%.

The long term view is still that Cocoa production will become outstripped by demand, but at least at the current range of pricing Cocoa remains an attractive crop and so continuing investment in good farming practices is likely to continue to lead to improving yields and volumes.


Again as with Cocoa, Sterling has maintained a relatively stable position against the Euro since the start of the year at around the €1.19-1.20 mark.

Tony Mycock
2nd April 2012



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