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August's Recipes of the Month


This month's recipes use Oxanti the new and exquisite antioxidant-rich dark chocolate from Belcolade.




Pomelo Juice 35g
Grapefruit Juice 150g
Glucose 80g
Crystal Sugar 350g
Yellow Pectin 10g
Vanilla Stick 1 piece
Belcolade Noir Oxanti
Belcolade Cocoa Powder

Oxanti Pomelo


Press out the juice of the Pomelo and the Grapefruit, add the vanilla stick, the sugar and the Pectin. Leave to rest for 15 minutes and then boil to 103.5 C.
Take out the vanilla stick. Cover with cling film and keep at room temperature of 18C until you need it for final assembly.
Into a pre-made half-ball shape moulded Oxanti chocolate fill up with the cooled down Pomelo mixture.
Leave to crystallise for at least 12 hours at 18c.
After crystallisation close both chocolate moulds together using tempered Oxanti chocolate, cover with Oxanti chocolate and then roll in the cocoa powder.


Crispy Noir

Baking paper 1
Roasted bleached hazelnuts 275 g
Whole skinless pistachios 163 g
Belcolade Noir Oxanti 1100 g

Crispy Noir    

Add the hazelnuts and pistachios to the tempered chocolate. Mix all the ingredients together.
Spread out onto the baking paper with a thickness of 1-1.5 cm deep.
Leave for 2 hours in a cool place (12 - 18°C) until hard. Break into pieces.


Dulce De Leche

Belcolade Noir Oxanti X516/G 300g
Crystal sugar 60g
Glucose 50g
Cream ( 35% fat content) 365g
Vanilla Sticks 2 pieces
Butter 65g

Dulce De Leche    

Heat up the Cream with Vanilla Stick.
Make a light caramel using the Glucose and the Crystal Sugar.
Add the heated Cream step by step to the light caramel.
When the cream has a temperature of 75°C pass through a sieve directly onto the Noir Oxanti.
Mix well and using a hand mixer make the filling smooth and homogenous.
When the ganache reaches 35°C, add the Butter and mix again.
This ganache has to be at a temperature of 26°C before you fill up your pre-made chocolate shell/mould, made using Belcolade Lait Collection Venezuela 43.
Leave to crystallize for 12 hours at a temperature of 18°C with an average humidity level lower than 60%.
Close the chocolate shell using tempered Belcolade Blanc Intense and immediately sprinkle the top with brown cane sugar.


Triangle Curves

Plastic sheet of 40x30cm 1
Baking paper of 40x30cm 1
Roller with diameter of 6 cm 1
Belcolade Noir Oxanti chocolate 1100g

Triangle curves    

Place the tempered chocolate onto the plastic sheet and spread it out to a thickness of 1mm deep. Leave it to cool, but before it has completely hardened, cut it into fine triangles. Place the baking paper on top of it. Using the roller, wrap the sheet around it into a coil, then leave for 1 hour in a cool place (12 - 18°C) until it has hardened.
Remove the paper from the strips of chocolate.
Use the Triangle Curves as decorations on cakes.


Biscuit Mi-Cuit with Apples

Composition 1 : Mi-cuit

480g Belcolade Noir Oxanti
450g butter
750g eggs
450g sugar
200g flour

Composition 2 : Baked apples with vanilla and honey

2kg apples Granny Smith
2pc vanilla stick
80g honey Acacia
100 butter

Biscuit Mi-Cuit with Apples

Composition 1 : Mi-Cuit
Mix the eggs and the sugar slowly, melt the chocolate add the  butter and poor on the mix of eggs and sugar. Mix the flour with this composition.
Take open circles from 2.5cm height with a diameter of 8cm, pour the composition in the circles until it's filled up half of the circles.  

small 65g 165°C 5 min
big 100g 160°C 8 min

Preparation 2 : Baked apples with vanilla and honey.
Melt the butter slowly in the pan and add the apples in cubes.
At the same time open the vanilla stick mix in the apples and let it stew for 5-8 minutes continuously mixing.
Take the pan off the heat and gently mix in the honey.
With an ice scoop, put apples on top of the hot mi-cuit.
Serve as soon as possible. 

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