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August's Special Offers


Summer Sale


Glaze Aerosol Glaze 12 x 150ml

A neutral, non-flavoured, vegetable based spray glaze. Just shake & spray to give a glossy shine to any of your creations. So much simpler and cleaner to use than a gel-based glaze! Will also act as a preservative to the glazed item.

Was £55.00 Now £27.50 for 12 x 150ml case.

This product has a short BBD so we are offering a 50% discount
Glaze Aerosol Spray

Creme Patisserie 6X1KG Case

A ready-to-use product with a superb clean fresh taste. This ambient storage product will last for up to 8 days in the fridge once opened.

Was £55.00 Now £49.50 for 6 x 1kg case.

Creme Patisserie

Not only have our prices for the Carma Swiss Chocolate range not increased but we are continuing to offer a 10% discount on the range.

EDELBITTER 70% Swiss Extra Bitter Chocolate

High percentage of fine quality cocoa, with real vanilla.It has a fine black colour. Bittersweet, rounded cocoa flavour. Extremely fine glaze. It has a wide working range with a constant flow behaviour.

Was £101.52 now £91.37 for a 6x2kg case.

Edelbitter 70%

CLAIRE Swiss Milk Chocolate Coins

Classic milk couverture with light notes of caramel for a real milk chocolate taste. Special warm reddish brown colour. High percentage of milk fat. Constant flow behaviour. Delicate, fine glaze.

Was £60.64 now £54.58 for a 8kg case.
Claire Swiss milk chocolate

Swiss White Choc Coins 34%

Delicate, well balanced flavour. Traditional creamy white colour. Delicate glaze. It has a wide working range and a constant flow behaviour.

Was £54.16 now £48.75 for a 8kg case.
Swiss White

Swiss Plain Choc Coins 52%

High Percentage of cocoa. Real Vanilla,typical full cocoa flavour. Traditional dark brown colour. Delicate glaze. It has a wide work range and a constant flow behaviour.

Was £45.04 now £40.54 for a 8kg case.

Swiss Plain

During these (hopefully) hot summer months we are offering an amazing 20% discount on the CuisineWine range.


These exciting new unique culinary cooking ingredients are for use within professional kitchens and food manufacturing.
They are made from traditionally distilled spirits and then transformed into a flavoured gel using a natural stabiliser and can be used in exactly the same way as normal liquid spirit.
They are supplied in 1 litre PET bottles, reducing glass handling in the kitchen.
40% ABV No VAT-No Duty

Was £10.95 now £8.76 per 1lt bottle.

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