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  HB Ingredients Newsletter No.6 August 2008  
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Featured Supplier of the Month
The featured supplier this month is Distilleries Peureux. Specialist producers of GRIOTTINES, wild Morello cherries macerated in a light syrup of Kirsch......

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At the end of June the market was still heading upwards.........

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For this months recipe's we have chosen a few ideas of how to use Griottines.......





On July 28th HB Ingredients celebrated its 10th anniversary and the staff presented the directors with an Anniversary Glass Sweet Bowlengraved glass sweet bowl.

Having held our old prices for the month of July, our new pricing structure came into effect from 1st August. On this date we also went live with our new IT system, which will enable us to give an enhanced service to our customers.

The new service launched last month, The Chocolate Doctor and The Ingredient Doctor has been a success. We are starting to produce a database of "Questions and Answers" that is accessible on our web site, www.hbingredients.co.uk .


Article of the Month  

Belgium Chocolate Code

This month we want to bring to all users of Belgian Chocolate, news of the ‘Belgian Chocolate Code'.

This has been drawn up and now agreed amongst members of CHOPRABISCO to protect the description of Belgian Products (specifically Chocolate) and avoid consumers being misled about the quality and origin of products.

Choprabisco are the The Royal Belgian Association of the Biscuit, Chocolate, Pralines and Confectionery businesses - see www.choprabisco.be/engels/choprabisco_frameset.htm

This document basically establishes guidelines for protection and a ‘line in the sand' to enable legal action to be instigated against companies who mislead consumers through labeling claims. This is similar to the Swiss Code which was first published in 1970.

Misleading the consumer as to the origin of a foodstuff is forbidden according to art 2 1. a) i) of the EU Labeling directive 2000/13. In a nutshell, the argument is that if the sales denomination “Belgian Chocolates” is used for chocolates which are not produced in Belgium, this can be confusing - even when Belgian chocolate has been used to make the chocolates - as the consumer might think that the chocolates were actually made in Belgium.

Recent provenance cases have resulted in the protection of Champagne, Stilton and many others and this paper can be seen to maybe be a pre-cursor to some high profile cases which will result in protection of the Belgian Industry.

Basically the upshot is that from 1st September 2008, when using Belgian Chocolate on or in products made outside Belgium, you must not use terms such as ‘Belgian Chocolates' or ‘Belgian Biscuits', but can use ‘Made with Belgian Chocolate' or ‘Biscuits with Chocolate from Belgium'. Obviously the Belgian claim can only be used when 100% Belgian Chocolate is used in the recipe.

If you have any questions about this please e-mail "The Chocolate Doctor".

Click on this link to see the document in full.

Tony Mycock
1st August 2008



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