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August Recipes of the Month

For this months recipe's we are using Griottines from our "Supplier of the Month"
Distilleries Peureux.

Heart of Griottines.
Recipe created by Olivier BAJARD, World Champion in the Art of Dessert,
MOF in Pâtisserie.


•  Chocolate cone
•  Poppy cream
•  Griottines
•  Red fruit coulis
•  Chocolate pâte sablée
•  Chocolate velvet icing

Make a chocolate cone.
Fill with alternate layers of poppy cream and Griottines.
Place on a chocolate sablé base.
Spray the whole plate.
Finish by garnishing and decorating with the coulis and red fruits.

Chocolate sablé:
70 g softened butter
25 g icing sugar
1 g fine salt
40 g fine flour (type 55)
20 g cocoa powder

Cocoa Butter

Mount and blanch the butter, icing sugar and salt together.
Incorporate the flour sifted with the cocoa powder.
Immediately spread the mixture onto a sheet of Silpat.
Bake at 170º C in an earthed oven or 155º C in a pulsed air oven for 20 minutes. Remove from the oven and immediately seal with cocoa butter.

Red fruit coulis:
85 g strawberry purée
25 g raspberry purée
25 g blackcurrant purée
15 g caster sugar
2 g alginate
1 g xanthane gum

Make a dry mixture of sugar, alginate and xanthane gum.
Shower the mixture into the purée and leave in a cool place to puff up for 30 minutes.
Griottines as required  

Poppy cream:
70 g milk
70 g 35% cream
3 g vanilla pod
10 g caster sugar
80 g egg yolks
175 g 35% whipping cream
3 g poppy essence
5 g powdered gelatine 150 Bloom
25 g water
40 g caster sugar
50 g beaten egg whites

Boil together the milk, cream and vanilla. Leave to infuse, then pass through a chinois.
Incorporate the egg yolks blanched with the sugar.
Blend in a liquidiser and chill.
Beat the cream to a mousse-like consistency. Add the poppy essence.
Beat the egg whites and sugar to stiff peaks.
Fold in the gelatine which has been previously softened and dissolved in the crème anglaise.
Mix the crème anglaise into the whipped cream. Pour this mixture into the meringue and finish by mixing delicately.
Fill the chocolate cone with alternate layers of the mixture and Griottines.

Chocolate spray icing:
140 g top quality couverture
60 g cocoa butter
soluble red food colouring as required

Melt the couverture and cocoa butter together.
Spray at 35º C.

Heart of Griottines




Griottines Cola Cocktail

Place 4 ice cubes in a cocktail glass. Add 12 cl of Perfect 1864 and 2 cl of Griottines Cola Liqueur. Decorate with a slice of lime.

Griottines Cola Cocktail



Griottines Champagne Cocktail


Place 2 Griottines with their liqueur in a champagne flute,
then fill with champagne.





Griottines Melon

Fruity, juicy, takes advantage of the
voluptuousness of Griottines.

Griottines Melon



Griottines Foie Gras




A jewel nestling in a bed of rocket with a few slivers of
foie gras atop a slice of farmhouse bread.








Griottines Chocolate




Dip Griottines in a chocolate fondue, then bite into it.
Simply sensational !

Griottines Chocolate


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