Distilleries Peureux
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Distilleries Peureux

In 1864, Mister Auguste PEUREUX founded his Distillery in Fougerolles, the capital of Kirsch, under the trade name "La Cigogne".
At the beginning of the century, Absinth was the Distillery's speciality: Mister Auguste PEUREUX limited his manufacturing to liqueurs totally free from toxics, which gained at the time all connoisseurs' votes. Distlleries Peureux Griottines
Then, the productions progressively shifted to fruit "Eaux-de-vie" (Spirits). The Distillery successfully developed its sales to wholesale trade and supplied the most renowned companies in Paris as far as Kirsch was concerned.
In 1886, Mister Auguste PEUREUX carried off many prizes at various exhibitions and that was how, in 1900, the Distillery was admired at the World Exhibition in Paris.
Auguste's son, André, succeeded him. Later on, in 1948, Mister Claude PEUREUX took over as head of the dynasty.
In 1950, technological research was focused on agribusiness, and particularly on special products for ice-cream manufacturers.
In 1955, Mister Claude PEUREUX launched at the time Morello cherries for chocolate makers, then GRIOTTINES, some wild Morello cherries macerated in a light syrup of Kirsch, a speciality that is nowadays well established worldwide.
Currently, Mister Bernard BAUD is managing the "Grandes Distilleries PEUREUX".

GRIOTTINES® appeared in the 80s.
Little stoned and graded bitter red cherries macerated in a light syrup of alcohol and Kirsch, they are the ambassadors of our image throughout the world!

"The Wild Cherry on Top!!!"

Professional food manufacturers and chefs' craze for these little fruits has nowadays won them recognition on the tables of all the most highly-regarded starred restaurants in the world!

Griottine Packaging

Did you know?

Where are the little Griottine cherries picked ?
Far, far away. In the Balkans, where we have our orchards.

How many Griottines are there in a 50 cl   jar?
There are about 115 of the little scarlet balls in one jar.

What is the name of the wild cherries ?
Their name is an invitation to travel : they are called Oblachinskas. They alone are good enough to become Griottines.

How big are Griottines ?
They are 17/18 mm in size.

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