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  HB Ingredients Newsletter No.10 December 2008  
New Products

Milk Chocolate Coated Biscuit

Caramel Flavoured Fudge

Bakestable Caramel Fudge

Fat Coated Cinder Toffee

Milk Choc Coated Cinder Toffee

Milk Choc Honeycomb Sprinkles

Mint Choc Honeycomb Sprinkles

Toffee Pieces

Bakestable Toffee Pieces

Luxury Truffle Pieces

Caramel Truffle Pieces

Featured Supplier of the Month

This month we are featuring Cacoa Barry, French, chocolate manufacturer

Recipes of the Month

This months recipes are supplied by this months featured supplier, Cacoa Barry........

Commodities and Currency News

Well, what we said in last months Newsletter has proved to be a complete load of rubbish! ............

Chocolate Courses

Barry Callebaut offer a range of courses at their Chocolate Academy from September 2008 to July 2009. They range from "Introduction to Chocolate" to "Advanced Competition Showpiece Course". Click  here to view a downloadable PDF file.

"The Doctors"

Don't forget to ask The Chocolate Doctor or The Ingredients Doctor to answer your questions.





This year, we have decided not to fell a few trees!. Instead of this we have made a donation in lieu of Christmas cards, to Demelza House Children's Hospice, which operates in our area.

Kath Mycock presenting our "Chocolate Cheque" to Vicki Pickering of Demelza House Children's Hospice.
Kath presenting the "Chocolate Cheque" to Vicki

If you look at the media, economically very little good is forecast for 2009, however this is a great time of year to reflect on those much less fortunate than family, friends & work colleagues.
We are all very proud to be able to help an organisation like Demelza, and all of us at HB Ingredients would like to thank you for your business during 2008 and assure you of our continuing partnership during 2009.

Vicki Pickering, Area Fundraising Manager, Demelza House writes:

On behalf of all the children and families at Demelza, I would like to thank all at HB Ingredients for their kind support of our charity this year. Demelza cares for life limited children and their families in East Sussex, Kent and South London , and relies on donations such as this to enable the service to continue. So, in the absence of any Christmas cards this year, I would like to say a very Merry Christmas to you and all of your customers from everyone at Demelza Hospice Care for Children.

You may have noticed?

We have introduced a new updated logo.

HB Ingredients new logo.

During the last 12 months we have updated our web site, commissioned a new IT system and instigated a CRM(Customer Relationship Management) system, all of these are designed to give our customers as high a level of “Customer Service” as possible. To mark these improvements we are introducing a new company logo, you will notice it on all of our stationary, eventually on our vehicles and is designed to look like a stamp of approval.

End of Year Arrangements

December 2008

Monday 22nd – Last day for dispatches, deadline for next day delivery at 1300hours.
Tuesday 23rd – Normal hours
Wednesday 24th – Closed [But picking up & responding to e-mails & urgent phone messages]
Christmas Day 25th – Closed
Boxing Day 26th      – Closed
Monday 29th – Closed [But picking up & responding to e-mails & urgent phone messages]
Tuesday 30th – Closed [But picking up & responding to e-mails & urgent phone messages]
Wednesday 31st – Closed [But picking up & responding to e-mails & urgent phone messages]

January 2009

New Years Day 1st – Closed
Friday 2nd – Normal hours



Article of the Month  

Spot the Positive!

If you check the Commodity update, you will see that the £ continues like an out of control roller coaster, and the Cocoa Market is again way up. As we announced last month, our new Price Lists have been circulated and take effect from 1st January 2009 and barring any further serious drop in the value of sterling, we expect to hold firm until the end of June 2009.

Obviously most prices are way up from levels seen for most of 2007 and all the Food Industry have had to absorb and pass these higher ingredients costs on. However, it may seem against the trend, but we see some real positive news for UK producers as we enter a new year.

Positive news – I hear you say - they must be mad! Well, maybe we are, but let us have our time on the soapbox....

Within the EU, it is a given that the higher Commodity prices effectively apply across the board to all manufacturers, so we are all in the same boat. Our advantage here in the UK is that of currency, ie the current weakness of Sterling against the Euro. Sure it has a detrimental effect on Ingredient costs when they are imported from Euroland, but not as much of an effect that currency has on the import of Finished Food Products from EU (& for that matter $ based) countries. So if your ingredient costs have increased by 15% due to currency, so they now cost £1.15, the finished packed product that did cost £2.50 now costs £2.87. Same percentage but your cost is up 15pence whilst your competitors cost is up by 37pence. As we all know, that can easily be the margin that wins or loses you the business with the retailer or end consumer.

So we think that UK producers/manufacturers are going to find themselves with a bit of an extra edge. Exporting products to Euroland & the States is also now attractive – especially Eire (no language problems and the market is relatively easy to access).
Make good quality, tasty products that people want and get it into the market (we make much better Chocolates than a lot of the ‘rubbish' imported from Belgium that hits the low price points – the packaging tastes better than some of it in the Discounters)

Also we've all seen the ex pats whinging about reduced pension values in Spain – well how much more is it going to cost to take the 2.4 children on holiday to France, Spain, Portugal, Greece etc ? Staying in the UK is a sound proposition next year, and yes there is shoddy & expensive service around, but good value for money hotels and restaurants could be about to have a boom year. Camping and caravanning saw big growth in 2008 and it all boosts the UK Food Industry.

This may be a bit of my rosy utopia, but make it work for you – do not give in to the media negativity. Best of luck!

Tony Mycock
4 th December 2008



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