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Cryst O Fil

Cryst O Fil from Belcolade is this month's featured product and is a very versatile base for your chocolate filling. Available in three different flavours (milk, white and dark) and is packed in a 4x3kg case or a 15kg Box
Cryst O Fil consists of 50% real Belgian chocolate, non hydrogenated vegetable fats and milk fats

Cryst O Fil has a number of benefits it contains non hydrogenated fats, no preservatives added, clean label, nut and gluten free, 9 months shelf life, no need to temper, various textures possible and easy to use.

In order to work with Cryst O Fil it needs to be softened andthe ideal working temperature of Cryst O Fil is between 22 and 26 degrees. (Do not heat above 26 degrees as it is very difficult to regain it's original smooth texture). To do this you need to heat the Cryst O Fil in a microwave on a low setting and only for about 10 seconds at a time stirring thoroughly. Alternatively, if stored in a warm room this should be sufficient.

Smooth with a whisk and then add the required ingredients to the Cryst O Fil.

To personalise your flling a wide range of ingredients can be added to the Cryst O Fil such as invert sugar, alcohol, glucose syrup and fruit pures. The absence of water in Cryst O Fil enables you to guarantee a crunchy texture when incorporating dry ingredients.

Cryst O Fil Milk 4x3kg Case Product Code: B.CRYM4X3
Cryst O Fil Milk 15kg Box Product Code: B.CRYM15
Cryst O Fil Dark 4x3kg Case Product Code: B.CRYP4X3
Cryst O Fil Dark 15kg Box Product Code: B.CRYP15
Cryst O Fil White 4x3kg Case Product Code: B.CRYW4X3
Cryst O Fil White 15kg Box Product Code: B.CRYW15



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