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Featured Supplier of the Month

This month's "Supplier of the Month" is Belgosuc, Belgium sugar specialists...

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Commodity and Currency News
The Cocoa Market continued at high levels into 2009, and then jumped up and over the 2000 mark for the first time for over 20 years. Speculators..........

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Recipes of the Month
This month's recipe's are taken from Jean-Pierre Wybauw's book "Fine Chocolates Great Experience", a copy of which was the prize in our survey draw won by Lorna Robbins of Nutcombe Chocolates.

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"The Doctors"
"The Doctors"

Don't forget to ask"The Chocolate Doctor" or the "Ingredients Doctor" to answer your questions.

Chocolate Courses
Barry Callebaut offer a range of courses at their Chocolate Academy, ideal for the novice to the professional.
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Survey Results
Clare, our Customer Service Manager, with the winning ticket.
Many thanks to all of our customers that took part in our survey that was included in our January Newsletter. We have found your comments and remarks very constructive and over the next few months will be making small changes to the Newsletter.
The draw was held on Monday 26th January and was won by Lorna Robbins of Nutcombe Chocolates. Congratulations Lorna here is Clare, having drawn your winning ticket.

Belgium Chocolate Half Eggs.

We have limited availability of Belgium Chocolate half eggs, ideal for filling with hand made praline's or truffles, in milk and dark chocolate. Click here for more details.

Chocolate is Healthy

For many years various Health claims have been made about the benefits of eating dark chocolate on a regular basis. In the Lead article below, there is a copy of an article which we recently read, that sums up, in layman's terms, what chocolate offers. Also, Barry-Callebaut have developed the Acticoa range, which can be purchased once an agreement document has been signed, see www.acticoa.com/en .

Recently, the following article was published – which obviously comes out of California....

Resveratrol in Dark Chocolate & Cocoa Gives Birth to New Anti-Ageing Drug

Los Angeles, CA - The new age health obsession with anti-aging medicine and longevity has finally been given a fresh insight with recent scientific evidence proving the anti-aging abilities of a naturally occurring compound found in cocoa.
Recent research on the anti-aging effects of resveratrol has led to widespread media attention. Resveratrol is a compound found in dark chocolate, cocoa and red wine. Dr David Sinclair, an Australian scientist and head of Harvard Medical School's anti-aging research team is developing what could turn out to be a genuine elixir of youth derived from resveratrol.  
Resveratrol has been found to turn on the ‘longevity' gene which could assist organisms with living up to 20% longer. Dr. Sinclair's lab trials on mice over three years provided promising results and he sold his discovery to a leading pharmaceutical company for $750 million. The drug is currently in clinical trials and could hit shelves within the next five years.  
The anti-ageing effects of dark chocolate and cocoa has been well known to many ancient cultures. A study by the Hershey Co. revealed that cocoa powder, baking chocolate and dark chocolate contain 14.1 to 18.5 micrograms of resveratrol per serving. This new research by Dr. Sinclair further reaffirms the health benefits of dark chocolate and cocoa as indicated by the American Heart Association.

So if anyone had any doubts about the healthy attributes of chocolate, coupled with the fact that it is generally fairly recession proof, then I think we are all in quite a good sector!

Tony Mycock 4.2.09


Article of the Month


Dark Chocolate Boosts the Brain
(This is an article that appeared in The Daily Telegraph, "Training Your Brain")

Dark chocolate boosts your brain while protecting you from heart disease and cancer. Eating approximately 20-150g a day of dark chocolate can improve your learning and your memory. Improved blood flow carries more oxygen to the brain, enabling you to think quicker for longer. Your blood vessels relax, reducing blood pressure, brain damage and risk of heart disease. In February 2007, the American Academy of Science, from two separate studies, one in the US and one in the UK, reported that dark chocolate was not an old vice, but a modern-day life saver. Welcoming the news, nutritionists pointed out that the finding applied only to dark chocolate and warned chocoholics to avoid the pale dairy stuff. In a way we have come full circle, because chocolate was originally brought from South America to the court of the Spanish Empire as a medication and brain stimulant. The Spanish court apparently kept this a state secret on pain of death! High in antioxidants, dark chocolate has more fIavonoids. even than green tea. Professor Ian MacDonald found the increased blood flows in the cerebral cortex persisted for three hours after eating dark chocolate. Dr Helen Berg of Harvard found that rates of heart disease were lower by 1,280 per cent in part of the world (for example, Panama), where drinking dark chocolate was part of the everyday diet. Deaths from cancer were 680 per cent lower. Rates for strokes and diabetes were also low. Dark chocolate contains epicatechin, a mineral so vital to health that Professor Hollenberg would like to see it classified as a vitamin. The efficacy of flavonoids like Epicatechin are undermined by sugar and dairy products, hence the need to eat your chocolate dark! Although the calorie content of dark chocolate is much lower than milk/white chocolate, it's not calorie free - this needs to be kept in mind if you are on a calorie-controlled diet!

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