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February's Recipe's of the Month


This months recipe's are taken from Jean-Pierre Wybauw's book "Fine Chocolates Great Experience", a copy of which was the prize in our survey draw won by Lorna Robbins of Nutcombe Chocolates.


Dulce de Leche

For the base,
200g Praline
200g Gianduja
120g Milk Chocolate

500g Butter
350g Fondant Sugar
250g Milk Chocolate
250g Dark Chocolate
125g Dulce de leche compound(Amoretti no.396)
A pinch of powdered mace
A pinch of black pepper

Dulce de Leche    

Spread a thin coating of milk chocolate on baking paper. Immediately place a frame on the liquid chocolate. Mix the praline with the precrystallised gianduja and milk chocolate and pour into the frame(approximately 4mm thick).
Whip the butter in a mixer and gradually add fondant sugar. Finally, mix both chocolates, flavouring and spices. Spread preparation on the gianduja mixture and allow to harden. Cut up with a wire slicer. Dip into milk chocolate. Place a few nibs in the middle to garnish.


Egg Yolk Cream
300g Butter
200g Fondant Sugar
300g Egg Yolk Liqueur(Advocaat)
150g White Chocolate

Ehh Yolk Cream    

Soften butter in a mixer. Add fondant sugar in small quantities. Fold in the white chocolate and then the liqueur. Pour the dark chocolate into a chocolate mould. Introduce the centre into the chocolate shells. Allow to crust slightly. Seal.


Butter Caramels
1000g Sugar
2000g Milk
1000g Corn Syrup
250g Butter
Vanilla Extract

Butter Caramels    

Bring sugar, liquid and corn syrup to the boil. Brush the edges of a bowl with water to remove all undesirable crystals. Add the vanilla only when the desired temperature is nearly reached. At the cooking temperature pour the mixture onto a Silpat baking mat in a frame and leave to cool.
Cut the mixture as soon as it has reached the desired firmness, wrap immediately or dip into chocolate. (Only cut with a knife and in a sawing motion to prevent the caramel from sticking to the knife.)


Cinnamon Fruffle
200g Whipping Cream
2g Cinnamon Powder
2 Cloves
800g Milk Chocolate
300g Dark Chocolate
400g Fondant Sugar
500g Butter

Cinnamon Truffle    

Bring the cream and spices to the boil and pour over one half of the melted chocolate. Soften the butter in a mixer and add the fondant sugar. Add the ganache white stirring and then the remaining chocolate. Pipe into ball shapes and allow to crust slightly before dipping into dark chocolate. Finish in a mixture of icing sugar and 5% cinnamon.


Cardamon and Pistachio Ganache
200g Whipping Cream
25g Pistachio Compound(eg. Amoretti No 5)
400g Dark Chocolate
50g Invert Sugar
200g Whipping CReam
8g Cardamon Powder
500g White Chocolate

Cardamon and Pistachio Ganache    

Pour the lukewarm cream onto the tempered chocolate. Add invert sugar and pistachio compound. Mix thoroughly. Pour the mixture into a frame on baking paper or "feuille guitare" and allow to harden slightly.
Bring the cream and cardamon to the boil. Allow to stand. Pour mixture onto the white chocolate and stir until ganache is smooth. Pour the precrystallised ganache onto the first layer in a frame, up to a total height of 1cm. Allow to harden and cut with wire slicer. Dip into dark chocolate. Garnish.


400g Whipping Cream
100g Sugar
100g Egg Yolk
200g Port
700g Milk Chocolate
500g Dark Chocolate
50g Butter


Bring 2/3 of the cream to the boil. Combine the sugar with the egg yolk and fold into 1/3 of the cream. Mix and bring to the boil until mixture binds. Remove from heat. Add port and then chocolate and finally the butter. Fill moulds with chocolate of your choice and allow shells to harden. Introduce centres into chocolate shells with smooth decorating tip. Allow to slightly crust. Seal with chocolate.

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