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Valentine Chocolates

Valentine's Day is nearly upon us so with that in mind, our first recipe in this feature is for delicious raspberry heart shaped chocolates. The idea behind this was to get a three tier flavour release. Firstly, you get an intense raspberry hit from the jam followed by a smooth rich chocolate and raspberry centre combined with the dark chocolate shell. As this melts away you are left with the small real fruit raspberry pieces from the centre for you to bite into and release the third raspberry fix.

I chose Raspberry, but many other fruit Compounds and fruit pieces are available. The jam worked really well and by using invert sugar and or glucose you can change the consistency and the strength very easily.


Callebaut 70 30 38 Dark Chocolate (Product Code: BC.703010)
Deco-relief Beurre de Cacao Colore Red (Product Code: DR.CBPRED)

500g Belcolade Cryst-o-fil Noir (Product Code: B.CRYP4X3)
60g SOSA Invert Sugar Syrup (Product Code: S.INV1)
40g Dreidoppel Raspberry Compound (Product Code: D.RAS1)
30g Taura Raspberry Fruit Pieces (Product Code: T.RASP10)

25g Dreidoppel Raspberry Compound (Product Code: D.RAS1)
75g Glucose Syrup (Product Code: S.GLU1)


  • Melt Deco relief Beurre de Cacao Colore Red (keep it below 35 degrees C)
    Brush the red Cocoa butter into mould. Allow to set.
  • Temper the plain chocolate and make up the shells. Put to one side in a cool place to set.
  • To make the jam, mix the Raspberry compound with the Glucose syrup and pipe a small amount of the jam into the bottom of the shells. Put to one side in a cool place while you mix the centre.
  • Cut and soften the Cryst-o-fil Noir in the microwave (set to half power) for a 10 second burst until it softens. Aiming for around 26-27 degrees C. DO NOT TAKE ABOVE 28 Degrees C.  
  • Mix in Dreidoppel Raspberry Compound, fruit pieces and Invert sugar into the Cryst-o-fil.
  • Pipe the Cryst-o-fil centre on top of the jam and vibrate down allowing enough room to back off in plain chocolate.
  • Allow to set in a cool place for at least 20 minutes and back off in Plain chocolate.
  • Once backed off and allowed to set, demould the chocolates and enjoy.

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