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Featured Products of the Month



This month we are featuring one of our suppliers, Pidy.
Pidy produce ready to fill pastry products, they are available in short crust, fonçage dough and choux pastry.

They have added some exciting new products to their range over the last few months. Some of the products we do not stock but we can order them in for you.


Mini Trendy Shells Round,Chocolate:
313.62.96 or 313.62.240

Mini Trendy Shells Square,Chocolate:
312.62.96 or 312.62.240

Mini Trendy Shells Assortment, Chocolate:

Mini Trendy Shells Round, Neutral:
313.80.96 or 313.80.240

Mini Trendy Shells Square, Neutral:
312.80.96 or 312.80.240

Mini Trendy Shells Assortment, Neutral:

Mini Trendy Shells Round, Sweet:

Mini Trendy Shells Square, Sweet:

Mini Trendy Shells Assortment, Sweet:

Trendy Shells Triangle, Sweet:
301.74.96 Product Code: P.TRENTRI8X96

Trendy Shells Square, Sweet:
302.74.96 Product Code: P.TRENSQ7X96

Trendy Shells Round, Sweet:
303.74.96 Product Code: P.TRENRO7X96

Trendy Shells Triangle, Neutral:
301.80.36 or 301.80.96

Trendy Shells Square, Neutral:
302.80.36 or 302.80.96

Trendy Shells Round, Neutral:
303.80.36 or 303.80.96

Assorted Trendy Shells, Chocolate:


Mini Cones Coloured and Painters Pallet

Mini Tartelette Fuilletee, Sugar Coated:

Mini Dessert Tulipe, Natural:

Mini Dessert Tulipe, Chocolate:

Liquor Cup 15ml:
571.93.96 or 517.93.288

Dessert Cup 30ml:
518.93.48 or 518.93.192


Square Straight Sided Tart, Butter:

Straight Sided Tart 8.5cm, Butter:
894.14.54 or 894.14.135

Straight Sided Tart 22cm, Butter:

Canape Assortment:
075.00.326, Three types in a box

140 Flower Cuppy
96 Iris
90 Sable Neutral

Apero Assortment:
076.00.226, Four types in a box

48 Gourmande
48 Iris
79 Flower Cuppy
60 Mini Coquille

Mini Puff Pastry Roll, Butter:

Large Puff Pastry Roll, Butter:

Mini Fillo Cup:
470.30.88 or 470.30.264

Large Fillo Cup:



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