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Recipe of the Month by David Brealey



Hard Boil Orange Fruit Candies.

It has been a while since I have made any Hard Boil sweets and thought it time we tried something a little different. I had forgotten how much I enjoy making them.

Firstly, making Hard Boil sweets is very easy but please be careful as you are working with syrup at around 140 degrees centigrade. Not one to make with the children!!

But don't be put off by this, so long as you take simple precautions, you will not have any issues and just great results.

From a commercial point of view Hard Boil sweets are excellent as the raw material costs are very low so you can make a healthy margin. It might be worth considering as a small bag to sell at the till point or in the small fancy glass jars.



  • 280g White castor sugar. Product Code: O.CAS10X500 or S.CAST6X2
  • 140g Glucose syrup. Product Code: S.GLU1 or S.GLU15
  • 70g Water
  • Orange oil. Product Code: M.ORA50
  • Orange Taura pieces. Product Code: T.ORA10
    (for details of the above products, click on the links and paste the product code into the "Quick Search" box on our website)


  • Gloves (I use a pair of the gardening type gloves, obviously a new pair not ones from the garden!!)
  • Saucepan
  • Wooden spoon
  • Sugar Thermometer or digital one that can go up to at least 150 degrees C
  • Metal scraper
  • Large Silicon Mat
  • Pair of scissors


  • Put the sugar, water and glucose syrup into a saucepan. (better to use a larger pan so the mixture only comes up the sides around 1-2 cm, as once boiling it will expand considerably)
  • Melt the ingredients together over a medium heat, stirring gently until the mixture starts to boil.
  • Once boiling stop stirring.
  • Place the sugar thermometer in the mix. Making sure the bulb is in the mixture but not touching bottom of the pan. If using a digital confectionery thermometer, keep checking regularly.
  • As soon as the mixture reaches 145 degrees C turn off the heat.
  • Remove the thermometer.
  • Carefully using your gloves and making sure your arms are covered, tip the mixture onto your silicon mat.
  • The mixture will now start to cool and it is now that you add any flavours or colours to the syrup. Mix them in carefully with the metal scraper. I have added a few drops of orange oil just to give it a hint of flavour but I am not adding any colours.
  • From time to time use the scraper to turn the mixture over or fold it over on itself so you get an even cooling. Don't stir it vigorously or turn it constantly as this will encourage the syrup to grain (without going into too much detail, this is not good!)
  • As the syrup cools it will start to look less runny and have more of a dough like consistency.
  • When it reaches around the 80 degrees C mark, you should then be able to pick it up (with the gloves on!) and fold it with your hands rather than the scraper. If still too runny, just let it cool a little longer.
  • Once at this “dough like” state you need to slow the cooling down to give you time to work with it. So take it off the cold surface and work on a plastic type chopping board.
  • Take a hand full of the Taura orange fruit pieces and sprinkle them over the sugar syrup and gently work them into the mix. The more you move and work the syrup with your hands at this stage the whiter and cloudier the syrup will become as you are working air in. If you want a clear syrup with just the fruit pieces showing through then work it as little as possible. I have gone for a more pulled look so I have a white syrup with orange pieces showing through.
  • Roll it into a sausage shape about 1cm thick and cut with the scissors into bite sized pieces.
  • If your mix gets to cool for you to work with it is always good to have a pre warmed heavy metal roasting tray on stand by to warm the mix up.


I know this all sounds a little complicated but really it is not. Once you have done it for the first time you will then understand the timings & temperatures involved and how to keep the syrup at the right temperatures to work with it.

You will always at some point end up with a large lump of syrup that has cooled too far and there is nothing you can do. (it happened to me on the first try)

I always enjoy making these, it only takes 20 minutes and you can do any number of flavour and colour combinations.

The Taura fruit pieces work very well. They give you a really good flavour delivery and a different texture as they are made from real fruit concentrate, which makes a boiled sweet a little less naughty.

If you have any questions or would like to talk it through before you have a go then please give me a call on my Mobile:

07919 596357

I will be happy to help or advise.



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