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Easter Ideas

Below are a selection of products which are ideal to put inside your easter eggs, perfect if you are looking for something different for Easter this year.

B.03XE5 03X5 Milk Chocolate Buttons 5kg
B.C50E5 C501 Dark Chocolate Buttons 5kg
B.X60E5 X605 White Chocolate Buttons 5kg
BC.CAR2.5 Caramel Flavoured Callets 2.5kg
BC.ORA2.5 Orange Coloured and Flavoured Callets 2.5kg
BC.STR2.5 Strawberry Coloured and Flavoured Callets 2.5kg
BC.SHIMA2.5 Marbled Sensations 2.5kg
CD.MALTC5 Chocolate Coated Malt Balls 5kg
IP.BEANMINI5 Mini Chocolate Beans 5kg
IP.CRANYOG2.5 Yoghurt Coated Cranberries 2.5kg
IP.FUDGE10 Fudge Pieces 10mm 10kg
IP.RAICHOCM2.5 Milk Chocolate Coated Raisins 2.5kg


(for details of the above products, click on the link and type the product code in the "Quick Search" box)


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