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Raspberry Macaroon







300g Egg whites
375g Caster sugar Product Code: S.CAST6X2 or S.CAS25*
750g Ground almond mix (50% finely ground almonds and 50% sugar) Product Code: N.ALMG1*
Red Colouring


Whip the egg whites and sugar
Add the almond mix and red colouring mix well, spread on a baking sheet
Leave to form a crust and bake for 15 mins at 160°C

Creme Patissiere with Kumabo Chocolate


900g Milk
100g Whipping cream
200g Caster sugar Product Code: S.CAST6X2 or S.CAS25*
200g Egg yolks
70g Cornflour Product Code: POW.COR25*
100g Kumabo dark chocolate Product Code: BC.KUM2.5*


Mix the milk, whipping cream, sugar, egg yolks and cornflour into a creme patissiere
Leave to cool, then add the kumabo and mix through

Raspberry Jam


200g Raspberry pulp
200g Caster sugar Product Code: S.CAST6X2 or S.CAS25*
60g Glucose Product Code: S.GLU1 or S.GLU15*
15g Caster Sugar (addition to the above)
1g Pectin Product Code: DGF.PECAP1*

375g granulated sugar Product Code: S.GRABS25*
80g water
Red food colouring Product Code: DGF.CBPRED0.075*
720g equal parts of ground almonds and icing sugar Product Codes: N.ALMG1* and S.ICI4X3*


Mix together the raspberry pulp, sugar and glucose and bring to the boil
Then add the additional sugar and pectin, cook for 3 minutes.

Finally assemble the macaroon

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