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Taura Natural Ingredients

Established in 1973, Taura Natural Ingredients is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of functional, concentrated fruit ingredients for leading brand marketers and product manufacturers.

Utilising Ultra Rapid Concentration (URC®) technology, Taura manufactures a range of pieces, flakes and pastes for nutritional snacks, baked goods, cereals, chocolate and confectionery under the URC® brand.

URC® concentrated fruit pieces, flakes and pastes are designed to deliver the taste, texture and goodness of real fruit to a range of commercially manufactured food products.



Natural Blueberry Pieces 5x5x4mm


Natural Cranberry pieces 5x5x4mm


Natural Orange Pieces 3x5x3mm


Natural Raspberry Pieces 5x5x4mm


Natural Strawberry Pieces 5x5x4mm

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