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Chocolate Artist

Deco Enterprises have developed software that for the first time ever makes printed chocolate easy and affordable, called The Chocolate Artist system. Begin to imagine the possibilities, with just a few clicks of the mouse you are now able to perfectly centre any picture or logo to a range of magnetic moulds, so as a result you can easily and cheaply produce personalised chocolates for your customers, featuring their name and logo.

The Chocolate Artist
Click on the image above to see full details or click here for an explanatory video.

Chocolate Artist also recommend the Belcolade Easy Temper Kit.

Belcolade has created a range of easy to temper chocolate, Belcolade Easy Temper Kittogether with a unique starter kit. It is now possible to have the great taste and quality of real Belgian chocolate without the need for specialist equipment and the traditional skills associated with conventional tempering. Easy Temper provides a fast, reliable and virtually skill-free way of tempering up to 3kg of Real Belgian chocolate at a time.

The range consists of Easy Temper Noir, Lait, and Blanc chocolate which when mixed with the special Easy Temper cocoa butter results in fully tempered real Belgian chocolate. Belcolade have developed this chocolate specially for schools, small businesses and home chocolatiers who want the quality but not the hassle of tempered chocolate.

The process of making chocolate is so straightforward that the following paragraph describes the entire process from start to finish. It is necessary to use the Belcolade EasyTemper starter kit in order to make the chocolate as described. Begin by measuring out the amount of white, milk or dark chocolate required into melting bowl provided. To ensure chocolate tempers perfectly it is essential to use the thermometer to read the room temperature. Once you have taken a reading adjust the interactive slider on the tempering chart till it matches the room temperature showing on the thermometer. You are now ready to start melting the chocolate in a microwave. Once the chocolate begins to melt it is necessary to take regular temperature readings of the chocolate, continue to heat until the temperature reaches that indicated on the chart. The temperature required to produce perfectly tempered chocolate will vary according to the type of chocolate and room temperature in which you are making it. The final step is to stir in the cocoa butter for a further five minutes. The amount of cocoa butter required is determined by the amount of chocolate you are making. You now have fully tempered Belgian chocolate.

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