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New Products June 2008

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CuisineWine Cooking Gel

CuisineWine Cooking Gel

CuisineWine Cooking Gels are available in:

  • Spirits with a 40% ABV: Scotch Whisky, French Brandy, Caribbean Dark Rum,
    Calvados, Triple Sec.
  • Liqueurs with a 20% ABV: Crème de Cassis, Crème de Framboise,
    Poire William.

CuisineWine Cooking Wine

CuisineWine Cooking Wines

A unique ‘ultra filtration' process - a process that reduces the alcohol content in quality drinking wine, to the 5% ABV level required without having to boil the wine. This process allows the wines natural characteristics to remain, when compared to traditional heat reduced cooking wines.

With an alcohol level of 5% ABV, CuisineWine is classified as a condiment
and therefore is not subject to VAT or Duty.



Smet Coffee Flavoured Chocolate Beans


Double sided coffee flavoured chocolate beans approx. 1100 per kg or 2000 per kg.

Orange Peel and Slices




Orange Peel Strips and Slices.







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