HB Ingredients Newsletter No 17 July 2009

New Products

Oxanti 66%, high in long lasting antioxidants 5kg

Oxanti 66%, high in long lasting antioxidants 2x5kg

Dominican White Chocolate with undeodorised cocoa butter 8x1kg

Special Offers

Mays Special Offers

Commodity and Currency News
Speculators have been operating in Commodity markets over recent weeks and this caused the market to hit 1800 early in June. However............

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Supplier of the Month
Our Supplier of the Month is Pidy Gourmet, manufacturers of ready to fill pastry products,

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Recipes of the Month
  This month's recipes use products from our "Supplier of the Month", Pidy Gourmet.

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"The Doctors"
"The Doctors"

Don't forget to ask"The Chocolate Doctor" or the "Ingredients Doctor" to answer your questions.

Chocolate Courses
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HB Ingredients Stock Take

HB Ingredients will be carrying out our annual stock take on Friday 31st July. Because of this we will not be accepting any goods inward on Thursday 30th, Friday 31st and we will not be despatching any goods after noon on Thursday 30th or on Friday 31st.

We would like to take this opportunity to apologise for any inconvenience this may have on our customers and suppliers.

Band A Band B Price Structure

With our new price list in place we thought it would be a good time to remind our customers of our price band structure's.
If you are able to order in quantities of £800 or more, per delivery on a regular basis, then we are able to offer you our Band “B” price structure. This will give a  good saving against our Band “A” price's. Please contact a member of our customer service team if you would like to discuss this further.

The Secret Caribbean with Trevor McDonald

Press Release

On Sunday 12 th July ITV1 will be screening the third part of “ The Secret Caribbean with Trevor McDonald”.
This Palin-esque journey around the Caribbean will include in this episode a visit to the Grenada Chocolate Company founded by Mott Green. As Sir Trevor explains, Mott and the co-operative grow their own cocoa beans, pick, roast them and produce award winning chocolate, all within the rain forest canopy.
This is true “Origin” chocolate.

With more and more people wanting the taste and health benefits of dark chocolate, this award winning Grenadan chocolate stands out with its wonderful complex flavour of fine organic cocoa beans.

HB Ingredients are the EU Importers and Distributors for the Grenada Chocolate Company and over the last three years have been proud to assist them to recover from the devastation caused by the 2004 hurricane Ivan.

We are able to supply either, 60% or 71% strength dark chocolate, in 85g retail bars or in 226g tablets for processing. Contact us for prices and delivery before or after the programme.

El Rey Chocolate

Almost on an annual basis there are issues shipping El Rey Chocolate from Venezuela and unfortunately these are becoming more frequent.

The issue is basically that of the Chavez political situation and unless shortcuts are paid for, legitimate businesses find that exporting goods is a long, bureaucratic nightmare. Sales of El Rey chocolate in the whole of the EU is relatively low, with the UK market account for around 50% of total sales.

We try very hard to manage our stocks to ensure that we have at least a three month buffer of stock between containers (in case of delays), of which around 4 are shipped every year. Obviously we also have to weigh up shelf life concerns when planning.

Unfortunately due to paperwork, El Rey are still awaiting final Export Licences to ship what should have been the April container, but this is now expected to ship in the next few days to arrive early August. As a result inevitable our stock is running out... This is clearly an unacceptable situation going forward and you can rest assured that we are in constant contact with El Rey to try to come up with a solution to prevent this recurring in the future. We will keep you posted of any developments.

Anyway, in order to try to minimise the disruption of current and possible stock outs, we have alternatives which although not direct matches, are fairly close in taste and workability.

The critical two items are the white ICOA and the milk CAOBA, so we propose the following:-
B.DOMW1 Belcolade single origin (Dominican Republic) undeodorised White Chocolate. This has a nice Cocoa back taste like ICOA and is in an easimelt format in 1kilo bags. Price £5.94/kilo
B.VEN431 Belcolade single origin (Venezuelan) 43% Milk Chocolate. This is a lovely Milk Chocolate with a profound cocoa flavour in an easimelt format in 1kilo bags. Price £5.46/kilo

Note that case quantities are available (8x1kilo) and also that Mixed Pallet prices are lower than these quoted. Both are now stock items...

Tony Mycock 2 nd July 2009

Article of the month


Oxanti is the new & exquisite antioxidant-rich dark chocolate from Belcolade...

Made using a patent-pending conching process, it delivers the unmistakable taste and texture of real Belgian chocolate, while retaining the maximum amount of the cocoa bean's natural antioxidant power. Oxanti has far higher antioxidant activity than standard dark chocolate and its antioxidant power remains effective for longer.

Taste preferred by consumers

Belcolade select, blend and balance only the finest cocoas with 100% cocoa butter and natural vanilla, to create chocolates that deliver unique and distinctive flavours, which excel and exceed in taste expectations.

Oxanti is an outstanding new addition to their range. Made from single origin cocoa beans from Ecuador (66% cocoa content), it is designed to help customers meet the demand for healthier, better quality food, and delivers the taste that consumers prefer. Indeed, when tested against other antioxidant chocolate on the market, 2 out of 3 consumers expressed a clear preference for Oxanti*.

* Puratos Sensobus consumer panel. N=289, Bruges, Belgium. March 2009

Oxanti can be used without any prior registration and although the Oxanti logo can be used in any marketing, it is not obligatory.

HB Ingredients have Oxanti in stock, order today for delivery tomorrow.

Please click here for more comprehensive details of this exciting new product.




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