Quiche Artisanale – expected to be launched 15 th July. A regular Quiche case, supplied in an oven – to table “Boite” or box, lined with baking paper. A new rustic idea, along the lines of the idea of baking camembert in it's box. Available in sizes 8.5cm, 11cm Deep, 18cm & 22cm.



Canape Cuppy – Pidy's answer to the Ragout shell, larger, more rustic & home - made looking, the thin and crispy 5cm diameter approx. neutrally flavoured Canape Cuppy will stay crispy with a filling for up to 8 hours. Available in cases of 280 or 560.

Flower Cuppy – A lovely flower – shaped canape cup to complement the Canape Cuppy. Suggestions for use include sweet or savoury canapés, or maybe to present a condiment on the side of the plate.

Fond Feuillete – crispy neutral 12.5cm puff pastry discs, suitable for starter, main dish or dessert. Lends itself perfectly to a Mediterranean style tart – think goats cheese, tomatoes, onions, lobster, parma ham, olives, mozzarella etc etc. In fact, think upmarket pizza – anything you can do with a pizza base, you can do with a Fond Feuillete, and more!! Suitable for reheating, will absorb moisture from topping and refresh as a beautiful crispy fresh puff pastry. Not a new product from Pidy, but definitely a good idea!