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July's Recipes of the Month


This month's recipes use products from our "Supplier of the Month", Pidy Gourmet.


Pidy Gourmet Amusette with Salmon Cheese


25 Pidy Gourmet Amusettes
200g ricotta cheese
50g smoked salmon
3g maize starch



Chop the smoked salmon finely with a food processor, mix with the rictta cheese and maize starch. Use the paprika to modify the colour. Smooth out the salmon cheese in the Pidy Gourmet Amusettes with a pallet knife. Garnish with salmon eggs and a piece of dill.


Pidy Gourmet Amusette with Salmon Cheese


8 Pidy Gourmet Profiteroles
100g sushi rice
250g salmon fillet
8 prawns
sushi soy sauce
glass noodles


Cook the suchi rice and make balls out of it to put in the Pidy Gourmet Profiteroles, the top of which have been cut off.
Put some raw salmon in the middle of the ball.
Put the two Pidy Gourmet Profiteroles side by side and join them together using a bamboo skewer.
Cook two raw prawns in a pan with flavoured wok oil and put them on a bamboo skewer as well.
Place a pot of sushi soy sauce next to them and put some cooked glass noodles on the prawn tails.


Oven-baked Cod Fillet with Tomato and Artichoke Tapenade

4 Pidy Gourmet Mini Cones
4x200g cod fillets
200g tomato tapenade
200g artichoke tapenade
100g peeled North Sea shrimps
200ml lemon olive oil
1 packet cherry tomatoes
400g linguini

Mini Cones    

Season the cod fillets with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Place the skinned side on an oiled baking sheet, rub the tomato tapenade into the top.
Bake in a pre-heatedoven at 190 C for 12 minutes.
Fill a Pidy Gourmet Mini-Cone with the artichoke tapenade and decorate with about three grey shrimps.
Arrange the fish on the plate, serve with linguini and stick the filled Pidy Gourmet Mini-Cone in the middle.
Serve with a warm seasoned lemon and olive oil dressing, pieces of cherry tomato and green herbs.


BrownVegitarian Quiche

10x8.5cm Pidy Gourmet Quiches
250g tofu, cut in pieces
200g mushroom duxelle
200g dry spinach leaves
1 fresh bunch coriander
20 cherry tomatoes
soy sauce (taman)
300g cream
2 eggs
1 egg yolk


Arrange the pastry cases on a baking sheet, fill with the duxelle and the spinach, top with the chopped coriander and tofu pieces.
Mix the cream and eggs with the soy sauce. Pour over the Pidy Gourmet Quiches and finish off with two cherry tomatoes per quiche.
Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180C for 10 minutes.


Pidy Gourmet Tart Sablee with Lemon and Rhubarb

3 Pidy Gourmet Tartes Sablees 18cm
500g rhubarb
1 lemon
150g sugar
200g lemon jam
100g almonds
100g sugar
1 egg white

Tartes Sablees

Make a classic custard and add some zest of lemon. Mix 500g of young red rhubarb, juice of half a lemon and 150g sugar and stew lightly, then let it completely cool off.
Rub the bottom of the Pidy Gourmet Tartes Sablees with half a lemon.
Scoop 3 tablespoons of lemon jam on the bottom. spread the rhubarb over the custard smoothly. Mix 100g almonds with 100g sugar and some egg-white to make it creamy.

Spread over the tart and bake in a hot oven at 180c until the top layer becomes lightly browns.


Panna Cotta in a Pidy Gourmet Quiche Base with Fresh Fruits and Mint

10 Pidy Gourmet Quiches 8.5cm
5dl cream with minimum 40% fat content
Marsala to flavour
45g granulated or demarara sugar
1 vanilla pod
100g raspberries
100g strawberries
a few leaves of mint
3 sheets gelatine


Soak the gelatine sheets in cold water. Bring the cream, the sugar and the vanilla pod to the boil, turn the heat off and add the soaked gelatine sheets, stir briskly until the gelatine has melted. Take the vanilla pod out.
Spread the fruit and the finely chopped mint in the Pidy Gourmet Quiches, cover the panna cotta, spinkle over a few drops of Marsala.
Let it set for at least 3 hours in the fridge.

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