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Chocolate for Connoisseurs





Chocolate for Connoisseurs brings you a collection of the world's finest “Origin” chocolates, with some being “Origin made within Origin”, manufactured from bean to bar in the country that grows the bean.

Chocolate is very much like wine, with its taste changing depending on the type of bean grown and the area it is grown in. Also small taste changes can be experienced due to climatic conditions during the growing season. Therefore there can be a difference between beans grown in the same area, from year to year.

With our palates learning to appreciate these differences the Chocolate for Connoisseurs range allows you to sample these different flavour profiles from around the world.

Cocoa Beans that go to make the special and unique chocolate seen on this website are selected for their taste, aroma and provenance ensuring that they come from a sustainable farming system, which is ecologically sound, economically viable, socially just and humane. This ensures that the needs of the present do not in any way compromise future generations from meeting their own needs on an ongoing basis.

Cocoa is grown around the world in many different environments, conditions and there are different species and variations of the Cocoa Tree. In a world where ‘consistency of taste' is a key driver for many Food Producers, we take the opposite view by bringing you an opportunity to experience different flavours, aromas and taste nuances that best represent the true cocoa flavour from different areas around the world. It is a vital agricultural crop for many thousands of families. We are offering a clear view as to the provenance of the cocoa used to make these chocolates to ensure that the farmers and therefore the local economies benefit at source from a better and fairer return for their cocoa.  

As a result of this, the products are subject to availability and will be added and removed as appropriate.  

Our primary aim is to offer these “Special Chocolate Couvertures” to Chocolatiers, Patissiers and Pastry Chefs who operate on a professional basis, as well as to anyone with an interest in the hard to find, unusual products with strong provenance. The majority of the products are intended, and sold as, an ingredient and therefore are in ‘bulk' packaging so no VAT applies. We also have a unique selection of Origin Retail Products which are “Origin made within Origin”, manufactured from bean to bar in the country that grows the bean.



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