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We are delighted to distribute the CuisineWine range of culinary alcohols to chocolatiers and other food producers.


CW Cooking Gel
This exciting new unique culinary cooking ingredient is for use within professional
kitchens and food manufacturing.

It is made from traditionally distilled spirits and then made into a flavoured gel
using a natural stabiliser and can be used in exactly the same way as normal
liquid spirit.

It is supplied in 1 litre PET bottles, reducing glass handling in the kitchen and is now freely available from stock.

Reduced Cost
There is no VAT or Duty on this product, due to it's pourable but gel format.

CuisineWine Cooking Gels are available in:

  • Spirits with a 40% ABV: Scotch Whisky, French Brandy, Caribbean Dark Rum,
    Calvados, Triple Sec.
  • Liqueurs with a 20% ABV: Crème de Cassis, Crème de Framboise,
    Poire William. (Amaretto to follow)

CuisineWine Cooking Gel when used will retain all the traditional characters,
flavours and ABV values as their traditional counter-parts

Use the same amount of CuisineWine Cooking Gel as a traditional spirit when free
pouring or as the recipe dictates for perfect results every time whether you are:

  • Chocolatier
  • Flambéing
  • Cooking
  • Patisserie

Market research indicate Chefs prefer the gel for improved flavours, better cost
control and reduced glass presence in the kitchen.


CW Cooking Wines
A unique ‘ultra filtration' process - a process that reduces the alcohol content in
quality drinking wine, to the 5% ABV level required without having to boil the wine.
It is during this boiling process that the quality and flavour of the wine are lost,
particularly the tannins that help tenderize meat during marinating or cooking. This
process allows the wines natural characteristics to remain, when compared to
traditional heat reduced cooking wines.

A consistent flavour and quality is achieved by use of single grape varieties grown
at a co-operative winery in south-east Spain - Tempranillo for the red and Pardina
for the white.

CuisineWine is then produced solely at the San Marcos winery in Extremedura,
Spain. They are BRC approved with modern state of the art equipment and over
45 years of wine making knowledge and experience which guarantees you a
consistent high quality cooking wine.

For many years CuisineWine have been working with top professional chefs,
developing the style and properties of the cooking wine to match the strict needs
of the professional kitchen and food manufacturers. It is as a more cost effective alternative to using normal wines. With an alcohol level of 5% ABV, CuisineWine is classified as a condiment and therefore is not subject to VAT or Duty. Again we are delighted to offer this range from stock.

CuisineWine comes in a wipe clean 5 litre bag in box with a non drip tap and a
convenient handle for ease of use. It has a 15 month shelf life from date of
manufacture and 6 weeks once opened.

CuisineWine has been available in the Scandinavian marketplace for over 5 years
and sells over 2 million litres per year making it the number one choice.


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