HB Ingredients Newsletter No 40 June 2011


After the Cocoa Market settled back during the month of April, it fell further during May as further positive news emerged.
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This month's recipe is brought to you by our in-house chocolatier, Jayne Kent.
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We have lots of exciting new products this month
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"The Doctors"
Don't forget to ask"The Chocolate Doctor" or the "Ingredients Doctor" to answer your questions.


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The Callebaut Chocolate Academy have published their 2010-2011 prospectus.




New Pricing Structure from 1st July 2011

Following on from the announcement in last month's Newsletter that we will be introducing an extra price band, from 1st July and after consultation with our customers we are now able to confirm the final details.

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PRICES – from 1st July 2011

As per previous Newsletters, you will be aware that certain prices have been increasing due to various factors over recent months. These include adverse weather patterns, higher world demand from emerging economies, and the political/civil situation in The Ivory Coast. On top of this, the overall world economy is slowly recovering, although this is very patchy. Here in the EU, growth is weak and the economic situation still very fragile. Consequently Sterling has weakened further against an already weak Euro. The consequence of all these factors has resulted in firmer prices almost entirely across the board for the second half of 2011. The main headline changes are as follows:-

  • Chocolate – prices up by at least 5% with some types/manufacturers increasing by even more. This is reflecting the price spike in the Cocoa Market over the last 6 months, the impact of which now comes through in prices. However, we do anticipate that from January 1st 2012 prices will ease back.
  • Cocoa Powder – still no sign of the market weakening, supply is very tight until at least the end of 2011.
  • Sugar – no immediate change to conventional Sugars. However we are being told that around September an increase of around €250 per tonne is expected (c.£0.23/kilo).
  • Organic Sugars – prices have firmed in recent months and we have no choice but to increase prices by around £300 per tonne. This impact will follow on Organic Syrups in the coming weeks.
  • Glucose Syrups - up by around 7% due to continuing high Wheat and Cereal prices

  • PIDY – prices have increased reflecting higher Butter and Vegetable Oil prices together with adverse currency movements. Also PIDY have reviewed their pricing for each product per pack type and have adjusted prices accordingly. An example of a large increase is where a product is packed in a small ‘deli' type printed packaging – obviously the product is available at a lower unit cost when purchased in larger Industrial packaging.

We are able to supply specific product pricing on request, however all prices are basedon Band A, then calculated less the relevant "Value Based Discount". Any queries or questions, please contact your Account Manager or a member of our customer service team.

Obviously we strive to keep prices as low as possible, whilst not compromising our level of service to you. We do continually review prices and endeavour to maintain continuity for as long a period as we can, however given the current fluid situation in some markets we do have to make price adjustments - where necessary - during our Price List periods. We always have, and will continue to try to offer the best value for money to all our customers. Thank you for your continued support and business.

Tony Mycock – 31st May 2011

"Ganache" Presentation by Jean Pierre Wybauw

On Wednesday 11th May, Jean Pierre Wybauw gave an inaugural presentation in our new "Chocademy".

Although the presentation was on making and extending the shelf life of ganaches, Jean Pierre started by explaining in detail how to temper chocolate. We all realised that we did not know as much about this fascinating subject as we thought.

The presentation was a great success and our customers that attended all felt they would benefit from this in-depth knowledge.

Click here to download a pdf of the presentation.

Sipal Partners Introduce Organic Oat Syrup

Sipal Partners, the specialist producers of non-refined Organic Cereal Concentrates is extending its range with 2 new syrups (Sipa-Oat 35 and Sipa-Oat 62) with an oat base.
They do not only give you the taste, softness and colour of the cereal but also bring structure to your biscuits, breakfast foods, bars, and offer new possibilities for your vegetable based drinks, etc. ...........read more

Belgosuc Cocoa Fondant

Belgosuc have produced a cocoa fondant that is ideal for cakes and bakery products. This exciting new product is a cost effective alternative for chocolate compound coating and contains no vegetable fat.

Put this product code: S.FONCH2.5 the "Quick Search" box on our website, www.hbingredients.co.uk, for full details.

Featured Products of the Month

This month's featured products are the coloured and flavoured callets from Callebaut.

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An idea that is new from the USA are "Cake Pops", use the coloured and flavoured callets plus other decorations to make your original "Cake Pop".



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