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Sipal Partners introduce Organic Oat Syrup

Sipal Partners, the specialist producers of non-refined Organic Cereal Concentrates is extending its range with 2 new syrups (Sipa-Oat 35 and Sipa-Oat 62) with an oat base.
They do not only give you the taste, softness and colour of the cereal, but also bring structure to your biscuits, breakfast foods, bars, and offer new possibilities for your vegetable based drinks, etc.

By using whole oat and applying an original and natural manufacturing process, therefore maintaining as many characteristics of the original cereal as possible which guarantees the originality & authenticity of your products.

Other organic cereal based syrups using the whole cereal are equally available across the Sipal range: rice syrup, corn syrup, spelt syrup and malted barley syrup.

For more information please contact a member of our customer service team:
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