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This months featured products are from Pidy, Pidy are a Belgium based company who manufacture an extensive range of innovative pastry products including shortcrust, puff pastry, foncage dough and sponge cake.

Pidy offers you today the know-how and experience to join you in convincing your customers of the quality and taste of your pastry products. Every product is the result of inspiration, creativity and craftsmanship.

New Improved Coloured Mini Cone Assortment

The same wonderful, naturally coloured Neutral crispy cones, but now with a natural Moisture Barrier lining, which means that these can now be filled several hours before serving without risk of going soggy. Pidy have carried out tests and the cones will remain crispy for 6 hours after feeling.

This new version comes in a box of 180 (1 x 45 of each colour Red, Green, Black & Natural), together with one of the painters palettes to hold 35 cones at a time! Further Painters Palettes (large or small) are available separately. The cones also now come in an upstanding tray, totally ready to fill.

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New Flavoured Tart Cases 8.5cm Caramalised Biscuit and Lemon Flavour

Tartlets 8.5cm are both made with butter and are a perfect product to use for your summer catering. Ready to fill tart cases for desserts. 135 pieces in a case.

These products are not a stock item but are available to order in Pidy product codes below:

Caramalised biscuit made with mixed spices tart, 890.19.135

Lemon flavour tart made with pieces of lemon peel, 890.16.135

Mini Cones Chocolate Coated

508.94.190, Size: 7.5cm x 2.5cm
Pack size: 190 pieces in a box + 8 free black clips

Mini Chocolate Cones are the perfect as a sweet appetiser, they come with 8 black clips which you can clip onto the saucer or plate. They are made of waffle dough and have a extremely crispy and crunchy texture.

A great product for the summer season it is very versatile and can be filled with any type of dessert and then decorated with vermicelli, sugar strands etc.

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