March 2008

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Special Offers & Promotions
This March we are offering 5% off the El Rey range of single origin Venezuelan Chocolate-
New Products
We are pleased to announce that HB Ingredients are adding Carma Swiss Chocolate to our product range-
Featured Supplier of the Month
This month, to coincide with the Channel 4 programme about Willie's Wonky Chocolate Factory, we are featuring Chocolates El Rey, from Venezuela and who we are proud to represent exclusively in the UK. El Rey use distinctive single origin Venezuelan beans-
Commodities & Currency News
Since early 2007, there has been a lot of volatility in many commodity markets, largely driven by increasing world demand-
Recipe pf the Month
Continuing our Venzuelan theme this month's recipe comes to you from Chocolate El Rey, a simple but delicious Chocolate Mousse-

Recipe of the month
Chocolate Mousse (El Rey Apamate Dark 73.5%)Apamate Dark 73.5%

14 oz. Apamate Dark 73.5%

5 oz egg yolks

2 oz eggs

5 oz sugar

2 oz water

18 oz cream

Melt chocolate to 110 degrees and
set aside.

Prepare the "pate a bombe" mixture by beating the eggs and yolks on medium speed until thick.

Cook the sugar and water to firm ball stage (245 degrees). Pour cooked sugar over whipped egg mixture while whisking at medium speed until cool.

Whip cream to light, soft peaks in a separate mixing bowl, taking care not to over-whip.

Fold about cup of the cream into the melted chocolate.

Fold the "pate a bombe" mixture into the rest of the cream, taking care that the bombe mixture is not too warm or too cool. Carefully pour the warm, melted chocolate into this mixture, gently folding until incorporated.

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